How is your weather?


Has been raining in varying degrees since 5pm, with more coming in from Alberto later in the week. Glad I got the lawn mowed Friday. But, my plan on re-tilling the veggie plots has been put on hold again. Geez.


Lawns are browning up and going dormant here. I sure hope this isn’t going to be a summer long drought.


97f here today. The plants don’t look too happy. But, they know what time it is!


May 28. Wind from SW. No precipitation.


Let’s see…rain, thunderstorm, more rain punctuated by a bit of sun then more rain…

@dutch-s, I think we got some of the same weather yesterday…this blew through a little after 6PM…was taking a walk with the family around the neighborhood and the girls got scared watching the clouds start to roll in…got home just in time before it broke loose…

Watch this storm roll in…my wife got nervous and went inside, I had to watch…
When it really got to blowing about 20 minutes later the rain was coming down sideways…


Pattern change in the works here…the heat is done after today (at least the 90Fs)…should go back to 70Fs/80Fs and 50Fs at night for a while. AC can hopefully take a break.


96F this afternoon (another record)… still sitting at 81F at 11pm… Storms firing around the area…lots of lightning off in the distance…you’d think it was mid July.


It is finally raining, what a blessing!!! We have been hot and dry in Kansas, like a lot of you folks too. I think a few of new trees I planted this spring are going to croak from the excessive temps. :frowning:️ They do not look good.


mine gets about 6 hrs of full sun with dappled sunlight in the afternoon. its just 6in. and starting to leaf out now.


still very dry here. this 80+ heat is making it even worse. so far my newly planted trees and bushes are holding their own and leafing out well. cold front bringing thunderstorms and hopefully some much needed rain tonight.


More rain!


Still rain! Like every single day for so long now. But we had some hours of actual sun today and day after tomorrow is supposed to be OK. I need to mow! And fix my mower first, actually, but it shouldn’t be hard.


Temperature from 30s to 50s feels like winter to spring, from 90s to 60s feels like from summer right back to winter. It is cold yesterday and the heat was on last night.


Heat on with temps in the 60s?


Sitting in the upper 50Fs…feels very nice…rain coming this afternoon.

May was a torch…almost record (1934 was record with 68F for avg)…we come in second. May ranked way up there in precip too…not a record, but close


It felt wonderful last nite!


70’s and very humid. From 55 degrees yesterday and rain, to a steam bath!


rain and 40 mph winds blowing sideways!


cold front dropped temps into upper 50’s and upper 30’s at night. still dry as a bone!


We lucked out yesterday & got this…

maybe a quarter of an inch…