How is your weather?


We may approach 100 this week, depending on which station is forecasting. Every day’s above 92 this week in any case, with not a lot of rain chances. I watered everything over the past 3 days. I won’t garden a lot over 95 or so!

I will keep picking berries and plums, tho :smile: Early fruit tastes so good!


I went out this morning to water before the heat

Record high for the day is 96, we’re supposed to break it

I can only imagine what July will be like


Going into the seventies today. Will spray tomorrow again finally!


Mrs. G.,
We are close to 90 today (87-88 F) so hot I lasted only half a day in the garden.


Highs moving into the 90s. About two more months and we will start seeing a slight drop. Yes it is humid.


mid 70’s and rain the next couple days. everything is taking right off in the garden and yard.


Never got over 72. Breeze started coming in early yesterday and the temp. Went down 10 degrees by 8pm. :smirk:


We were in the 90s today with winds 25+ gusting to 35mph. So, still hot and dry. Our county in Kansas was just down graded to Extreme Drought classification on the drought monitor map.


Wow, was it hot this weekend. Got to 94 yesterday and 95 today, definitely hottest days of the year so far. It wasn’t humid so that helped a little, but still.

More heat tomorrow, but a bit of a cool off later I week, but with more afternoon T-storms, so guess we’ll be getting back to our “normal” weather for this time of the year.


We got a bit more than 2" of rain over the weekend. We needed all of that, if not more so happy to have it.


Best part about this week is we get to dry out a bit…but it’s still warm and humid…typical summer pattern for our area…


rained hard for us too. glad to see regular rain patterns coming back. all my new bushes i put in are showing great new growth. might even see flowers on my 3ft. golden currants i put in in may. I’ve learned my lesson trying to plant in ground here. all these were planted in raised beds or mounds. what a difference in 1st years growth! before when i planted in ground they would stunt for the 1st year or 2 before putting on new growth. i thought it was my cold weather. lost 2 apple trees and many bushes before i figured it out. thanks to everyones insight on here i figured it out and my yard once again looks like something i can be proud of!


We had a major frog strangler this afternoon. the likes I haven’t seen in years…nearly 3 inches of rain in as many hours…roads started to flood on my way home…had to sit at this light waiting for the waves to pass before I could go through…

This is what the creek looked like in my backyard…it came up probably 8 to 10 feet…higher than it was during Irma…
It’s difficult to tell from the pictures but this normally docile creek turned into a raging torrent…other than a bit of minor erosion everything was ok…


Thanks for sharing. Here in San Antonio, we still have 1"+ cracks. The only help the tropical wave has offered is a respite from 100+ degree temps. Which is a huge help, don’t get me wrong… It just sucks watching your neighbors an hour south get 10+ inches meanwhile having 1" + cracks and brown grass, still watering trees… As my uncle told me when I was a kid, “well, today we are one day closer to that rain than we were yesterday!”


bad part with all the rain is that the root systems of these larger trees gets loosened…if we get any kind of winds it will not be good…


Lost my whole garden to the excessive rains. Nothing hurts worse than wasting an entire year and then having to wait to try again next year.


Sorry to hear that. I was driving through southern Illinois (I-64 corridor) last week and noticed some fields were under water, I didn’t know y’all were getting that much until I saw it myself.

We planted out tomatoes and peppers a couple weeks ago, and sowed seed for corn, beans, cukes, okra last week. We’re supposed to get some heavy rain the next 2-3 days, just hope it doesn’t get washed out like it tends to do here.

How are your fruit trees faring?


Yeah, we usually get too much rain or none at all. It never spreads out over a long period of time like you would want. Our sweet corn looks fantastic, the rest of our garden, not so much. I hope you don’t get flooded out. If I were you, I’d check for low spots beforehand and dig trenches where water can run away if need be. I dug a trench after the fact but probably could have saved the garden if I’d done so before hand. Of course, who knew we would get so much rain.

The fruit trees all look fantastic, growing like weeds. Unfortunately, the weeds are also growing like weeds. I have been pulling weeds out of my nursery bed with stocks the size of a quarter. I just had to take out a large Gala from Gurneys recently due to crown rot, which would be an accumulation of the heavy rains we’ve gotten in the past. I now have to get some spray and hit all the trees I got from Gurneys because their rootstock isn’t resistant.

I’d love to say the fruit looks good but it’s been hit pretty hard by bugs this year and the rain has helped spread disease like black rot and hindered good spray practices.

As if the rain wasn’t bad enough, it’s been storming too. The next 2 days have more storms forecasted.


That really stinks.

Its been horrid this year…just rain after rain…clouds clouds…then heat. ALL of my sweet cherries rotted…they just can’t take this weather. I’ve never seen weed pressure like this. I’m just mowing flower beds now …screw it. I’ve composted a lot of trees…chainsawed a few and have plans to remove more. I’m already small scale…now i’m going smaller scale.

Extended looks wet…rain tonite…rain tomorrow…rain Sunday…next week rain…hot the week of the 4th again. It was 98F here Sunday…and yesterday it was 66F …never seen a pattern like this.


I think the wettest year I recall was 1993. Mold everywhere. Hot rain like the monsoon season, every day downpours.

The atmosphere smelled of rot

But this is only June! Like, it’s not yet the solstice! What is to come?