How is your weather?


The 7 day forecast shows highs in the upper 70s/low 80s with max dewpoints in the upper 50s/low60s. That kind of mid-summer weather is one of the few reasons people live in MN.




starting tonight, 50% chance or better of showers all week . upper 70’s low 80’s. this will really help develop the late summer fruit crop. just in time. :wink:


Really pouring here this evening. Really don’t need it, since we’ve already had 3" over the last few days. Might get another inch out of this cell, which is actually coming out of the SE, very unusual. It’s been spinning around this area all day, I was hoping it’d wind down after sunset.


That low was around here for about 3 days, didn’t want to shift


suppose to shower all week. hope fully my new plants on my managed property survived till’ now. i didnt water them at all. just mulched. most are pretty drought tolerant like buffalo berry, western serviceberry and autumn olive. more worried about the honey berry, elderberry and raspberries. if they made it, its the mulch i put on them that saved them.


Another half inch last night, giving us about 3.5" since Friday. There was a little stream running through the corn patch, so i had to do some digging to build up a berm to keep any more water from draining in.


61 degrees with a 20+ mph wind. It feels almost Octoberish. One more cool day then a bunch of days with highs in the 70s and low 80s. Awesome


im glad thats heading our way! been hot and muggy. raining like crazy today. lawns flooded. havent seen that since early may.


Rain showers only making it horridly humid inly. Need rain!!!


Crazy here recently. Over 200 people were killed nearby by flooding and mudslides. Then 2 weeks of the highest temperatures in recorded history with zero rain. Often Over 40 degrees. Later today a typhoon is expected to hit, but For the first time in 60 years it’s coming from the opposite direction. People are not quite sure what to expect. I feel really bad for the people in places like Hiroshima and Kurashiki because they’re still doing the cleanup work from the disaster. Much of the drainage infrastructure is still jammed with rocks and dirt, So there’s nowhere for the water to go. This typhoon should pass directly over top of them dumping a lot of water and Highwinds.


Certainly a lot of extreme weather across the world lately



Wow, only 3 inches of rain! What do you use to collect data?


Davis weather station on my roof.


Lovely! Showers snd in the 60’s! Still need rain, so this is great!


Rain on the way the weather guessers say. An inch plus would be welcome, but I’ll take whatever we can get.


Maybe we can send you some! We have been inundated!


5 to 7 inches of rain today plus 60 mph winds cause about 6000 plus households power outage for Omaha and surrounding areas. This will also cause my ripen fruits to taste bland.



So much for the weather guessers…we got about enough to make the sidewalks damp :roll_eyes:.