How is your weather?


I’m sure it must

Normally we have no need for irrigation here, but it’s frustrating when they forecast rain, you see the rain out there, but it never falls.


Forecast for today about 24 hours ago: 1-2" of rain with t-storms most of the day.
Forecast for today about 12 hours ago: 3/4-1" of rain with t-storms most of the day
Forecast now: 1/10-1/25" of rain. Got maybe 1/4" in the gauge as I type this.

Just a weird year here. It’s like there’s an umbrella over my land.


It just poured this afternoon…flooded streets, the whole works. Sun was out right after. We’ve got a few inches in the last couple of days. Looks like fall shows up tomorrow…high of 60F with falling temps.

Extended looks cool after a short warm up Monday.


Are you just too far south? NE Iowa was getting a lot of rain. Move north… :wink: My sister was complaining of the heat in Omaha yesterday///we were clouds/rain off and on all day.

Seeing low temps dropping into the 40Fs in the next week…a few nights. Free AC.


RIght along I -88

A few miles north, there was rain, here - raindrops


At my location I’d be thrilled to have 1/4" rain.


I’m happy to receive whatever rain falls. It is just weird that the rain has gone around me most of this summer.


Holy cow. That sounds sooooo good. Our humidity now is kinda stifling. We won’t see that until November…maybe.


Yeah…looking forward to cooler weather…would love a long stretch of 50Fs and 60Fs… perfect outdoor temps in my opinion.

GFS hints at frost maybe end of month…we shall see… NAEFS second week looks very cool models are showing some chill.


Got to 90 here today, and supposed to tomorrow as well. That should be the end of a very warm summer. Then we’re in for cooler temps and rain starting Sunday, just in time for the first days of fall. Might dip into the low 50s next week.




Set record high for the date yesterday - today back to fall weather

Dry fall weather


48 degrees with a 25 mph wind this morning. It isn’t summer any longer


Much cooler in the sixties and seventies and no awful humidity! We had rain for a day and a half and fall arrived. The leaves are rustling on the grass in my orchard. A nice sound. Winter is coming. Sell my house!!!


Big thunder storms last night and dumped about couple of inches of rain. A week of cool up in the low 70s. A very good fall weather like. Trout fishing time in our stocked lakes.



I agree. That’s why I live down south. That’s our winter. And it’s already pretty nice, 70s and 80s. It only hits 100 here when the humidity is very low, like dew points below 40F. Highest I’ve see in 15 yrs 102.


Got to 86 today, but didn’t seem too hot. I just finished mowing the front and back yard, and it was thundering, so I got done just in time, as a squall line is moving through.

May be the last time we see the 80s in a long while, going to be more like 70s during the day, and low 50s for the nights. And tomorrow is the first day of fall, so perfect timing. And perfect weather for tending to my trees and brambles as some really need weeding and the berries need trellising.


low 50’s today. raining and windy. a raw damp day. 2 days ago was in low 80’s.



So much cooler, went to lunch today at the beach and there was a strong breeze. People said they were cold. Not me, I’m enjoying the beginning of fall.