How is your weather?


The Autumn Equinox in the NW Hemisphere will occur tomorrow, Sept. 22 at a time that varies with your location.

The Autumn Equilux (day of equal day and night) will occur a few days later – again depending on your location.


Yes… i need to high elevation or Norway. The heat/humidity really are only good for swimming and sitting in AC.

64F and sunny right now…A++++ day out there…not a cloud in the sky.

43F this morning…coldest morning since May 11th (39F)…


supposed to hit 30f tonight 25f tom. night guess my rasps. are all done for the season.


Too soon Moose!


high temps today

Snowing right now in Saskatoon, SK in Canada…not far south across the border in MT it was in the 80Fs this afternoon… Big temp contrast across that area of the country…


Today we drove 80 miles north to visit Janet’s parents in Highland CA. Midday it was 102°F for several hours. Meanwhile at our home in Vista CA the high temperature was 79°F.


We hit 32.9F last night. I’m not ready for this…


Wow. Just wow. I think I go through this every year when we’re sitting at 80 w/high humidity, fighting mildew, being so thankful for air conditioning, and hear some of y’all getting below 40. Wow.


i remember killing frosts were common in mid/late august when i was a kid so frosts in late sept is actually rather late for us.


Similar here. When I first moved to this place 30 yrs ago if you didn’t have your snow tires on at the beginning of Sept you were getting stuck as we got one or two big snows in that month. Now I often wait until Thanksgiving to put the snows on…

Interestingly we started getting a second (fall) crop of raspberries from the Prelude patch. Never had that before. They usually flower and start forming but get frozen out, but there have been ripe ones now for a week or so.

But both NWS and WU are predicting 30F or so for mid next week, so I suppose the raspberries (and squash etc) are coming to an end.


Some awfully cold air to start Oct in the plains/midwest.

Central/eastern Canada is just loaded with cold.


It was a very nice day yesterday, cloudy and about 65. I actually had to wear long sleeves while working outside.

But, it started raining around sunset, and has been raining pretty much all morning and most of the afternoon. We already have 1.5" in the gauge with more in store. Some counties close to us are under flash flood warnings. So, fall has started out cool and wet, and it’s not supposed to really clear out until Thursday.


that time of year again. even though i cant garden i welcome the change of seasons. was in the 80’s last year at this time. broke records highs!


My fall red raspberries are just hitting peak production. Sounds like our growing season may end in a few days though.


same problem i have here. mine have produced for 2 weeks but there are many more to ripen. the 26f we had last night may have done them in.


Just looking ahead here…Some wet weather thru next Monday (off and on…coolish temps) and after that some real fall weather and maybe a shot at my first frost///freeze around the 5th. Should see some days not get out of the 40F’s next week.

Worst year ever here for tomatoes (at least for me).

Lots of raspberries here but SWD is very established locally. Finding plenty of the little guys in soft fruit.


The good news is that the morning lows are going into the high 60’s. On the other hand, the humidity in the morning is 90%, dropping to 77% midday. Looking forward to cool dry weather.


Three tornadoes touched down here in Ontario the other day with lots of damage. Hope no one lost their life!


Thunderstorms here in southern Illinois this morning. Temperatures in the low to mid 70’s.


Forecast is calling for upper 20s on Friday night/Saturday a.m. I think I’ll cover my berries with a few painting tarps. Maybe that’ll give me a few more days of berry picking.