How is your weather?


It’s as dry here as it’s been since the dirty thirties. Ponds have lost 6 feet of water and we are at 10” of moisture for the year. The drought has killed many trees 6-7 years old. So far my ponds still have water and deer, raccoons, birds etc. tracks are everywhere around the ponds. As bad as that sounds it’s actually a really good thing. I’m getting work done I could not do unless there was a drought like this.


Wow… didn’t realize you’ve had so little rain. Maybe you’ll get lots of ice and snow this winter :santa:

Been stuck in the 40Fs and 50Fs here for 3 days now. Looking forward to some sunshine after all this cloudiness. Most people have turned furnaces back on.

Rain today…rain weds but much warmer (warm front moves through–maybe 80F)…strong cold front weds night…maybe 60F thurs (sun!!!)…rain friday… sat looks dry but cool…rain sun…warm air again Mon… Looks very up and down with lots of rain chances.


Looking day 8 to 14…naefs shows summer in the SE and very much winter in the plains/NW… the in between is where i sit…hmmmmmm



1 1/2 inches - happy rain dance!


Cooling a wee bit but still pretty hot!!


mid 50’s low 40’s at night. some rain here and there. no big frost predicted but other than my greenhouse everything is done for the season. getting lots of blewits and wine caps coming up in the mulch. gave away 10lbs today. :wink:


Not a single drop of rain from Rosa.


Rain for two days now and it is still humid and in the 70’s. The weatherman and Accuweather says it goes down to 59 degrees by the sea in Newport, RI, but I was just out in my garage, and it is balmy! The rain is very good for my tomato plants that were planted too late this year and the heat is even better. My house still has not sold. I am sad!


Wow. :cry:

People are lining up to buy houses here and there are bidding wars.


5 days straight of clouds…thick clouds…starting to go a little nuts. Maybe sunshine on Thursday…maybe. Mostly stuck in the 50Fs. Reminds me of November or even December. I remember one stretch of around 20+ days of straight clouds…yuck.


Same here, Rob. Yuck and yuck. I have trees in pots that need to be planted, but the rain won’t stop.


Where are you moving to?


Sunshine most of the day today but temps in the 40Fs…very very chilly, but nice with the sun. Giant deck of clouds-=—cloud monster—incoming late this afternoon. Sunshine no more :frowning: I don’t mind cold+sun…but cold+clouds gets a little…eh.


Rain starts tonight and goes through Wednesday they say. Anywhere from an inch to several inches during that time. A high of 37 and a low of 27 on Thursday…hello winter my old friend :roll_eyes:


I sit here on the back porch in the twilight
And I hear the crickets hum
I sit and watch the lightning in the distance but the showers never come
I sit here and listen to the wind blow
I sit here and rub my hands
I sit here and listen to the clock strike, and I wonder when I’ll see my
Companion again

  • Don Henley


Companion rain, or what happened?


These lyrics are at the end of a song titled “A Month Of Sundays” which Don Henley wrote for Farm Aid 1985. It tells the story of a guy born in the early 1900’s in the central U.S.

When I see clouds for days and days and rain never comes I think of these lyrics. And of course the last two lines are poignant for me and men on my father’s side going back generations. :heart:


Looks like at least a Tropical Storm coming directly over my place again