How is your weather?


Wow. That is a lot for a 5gal BBQ tank of propane. I own my own tanks, so I just have the propane delivery guy fill the BBQ tanks when he does the house tanks. Usually < $10 per tank, depending upon the price of propane at the time.


Hard frost warning tonight. Low will be 29F.

@mrsg47, how’s your weather?


No frost yet, cutting all of the basil and picking herbs a d green tomatoes tomorrow. That should do it gor the season!!! I love drying my herbs! 33 by Saturday night!


They’re calling for 34 tonight and tomorrow night. I have peppers still on the plants, decided I would take a chance the next couple nights that we won’t get a freeze.

I have two sensors out, one is under our deck up here on the hill, it’s at 44, the other is about 100 yards away down the hill by tne barn, and it’s reading 40. This is at about 11:30, so we have a ways to go.

It’s supposed to get to 32 Sun night, so I suppose I’ll have to pick them that afternoon.

A question, I have blackberries and raspberries that aren’t ripe yet. How would 32 affect the canes and berries? Would they ripen normally after that?


In my experience, 1980’s slightly inland from Eureka CA this time of year:

  1. The seeds in the berries will enlarge as sustained (4+ hrs) temps drop below 50°F.
  2. The cane ends will make desperate attempts to root, sending out 1/2" to 1" root feelers in the last 2-3 inches. If you want to propagate them … Take a spade-ended shovel and push it into the ground below, moving it side-to-side a little bit, then insert the cane end as far as you can and close the gap with your foot. Alternately insert them into a 1/2 gallon pot of soil that will receive moisture from time-to-time. In the spring when sprouts start coming out of the soil, cut the original cane and you are now a proud owner of a new clone.


Well much of the data is in. 2018 has seen some record high temperatures in our area.
May and September where the hottest months on record (since 1873).
February was the third hottest month on record.
August was the fifth warmest month on record and June was the tenth warmest month on record. So for 2018 five months hit records for heat.
Def felt like it too. Glad we are through it. :relieved:


First warm day in a couple weeks (mid 60s). The asian beetles are unreal. I had seen only a couple all fall until today. I have never seen them this thick…glad I sprayed the house a few weeks ago


@JustAnne4 – do the data also show rising low temperatures each month in comparison to prior years?


This is just 2000-2018. It doesn’t show temps just a rank ordering.


To me, the rising low temperatures are more frightful than the highs.


I’ve seen that in data from here


that is with my own tank. :frowning:


was 21f at 630am today. going to stay in upper 30’s during the day for the next week. i think we will be in winter here soon.


Well, our growing season ended this morning. It got down to 29 in the pepper patch down by the barn. I picked what I could last night by spotlight. Kinda extreme, yes, but I didn’t want to lose the peppers. The okra and last few straggler tomato plants down the hill got bit I’m sure.

It was 32.5 up here on the hill, so maybe the peppers in the upper patch didn’t get hit too bad. I’ll probably pick those today.

I hate that it freezes so early here, especially after it was in the 80s just 10 days ago. We had to turn on the heat already, which I hate to do, but when it gets down to 60 in the house, you don’t have much choice.


Ho hum…just a typical warm dry stretch.


Chilly but still no frost . The heat clicked on yesterday and took the chill out of the house. :face_vomiting:




Looks like we overshot the forecast!
Summer is not going anywhere :sunny::sunny:


Wow @Calron, your data for today is almost identical to mine!


True, I suspect your lows is where we diverge :slight_smile: