How is your weather?


going to be in the upper 20’s for highs the next 3 days teens and a single at night. may be ice fishing before thanksgiving. love to jig 1st ice rainbow smelts!


Looks like our first 30"s coming for the season. It’s been gorgeous so far


It was mid 20’s last night and that took care of all the green leaves. Everything should be on the ground in a week or two.


I hope those fires get put out soon!


These fires cannot be “put out” but rather “burn out”.


4f this am. 5-10in. of white stuff tom. going to stick this time.


Low of 1 or 2F last night. About a foot of new snow on the ground too. Don’t expect it will be around all that long as the forecast has highs in the 40’s and very sunny for the next 4 or 5 days. Glad I had finished most of the garden/orchard prep for the year.




showoff! :wink:


I am so glad the 70 deg days are gone. Give me some 40-50 deg to work in and grow stuff in.
Had 2 " rain last night and more tonight. Wish I could transport that to CA about now.


Check the humidity :slightly_frowning_face:


Got 3 1/2 inches of rain over the last couple of days, and expecting 2 to 4 more inches tomorrow. Then our first freezing temps ( 32) degrees Thursday night. Then one more night in the 30s and back to 40s at night and 60s during the day. Looks like we are actually having a true “fall” this year.



It was 60 this am now in the high 30’s.


We have had two mornings with frost and the leaves are dropping. Tonight will be our first freeze at 30 degrees.


7.5F last night. More snow tonight.


We’ll see our first 30’s this year. Two nights and then a slight warm up. Still no first frost…


Snowing again - glad we got the leaves cleared off yesterday


Blustery and rainy. 44deg F. I love being inside and watching it all. This mess is moving north and supposedly creating difficult conditions in the north east.


Not yet but its on the way. I wonder if we will get snow? Surrounded by water, so the land and water are a bit warmer. Rain is fine, don’t need the snow!


Yup…we are getting one inch of snow followed by ice and sleet. My daughter’s school announced early dismissal. First winter weather of the season. Feels a bit too early.