How is your weather?


That is insanely dry by my standards.


Precisely. When there are forecasts for a lot of rain here, we expect a 1/4 to 1 inch storm.


I see there was a channel of deep cold cutting through central NY from Watertown to Binghamton. I’m on the western edge of it. It got down to -4ºF here. We don’t usually see temps like that until January/February. It’s not looking good for the stone fruits. I’m starting to get concerned about tree damage, let alone fruit bud loss.


Yes, same here, we don’t see sub-zero until after December. I was holding onto hope that some of my summer budding that grew out may make it through the winter, but that seems unlikely now. Most of my nursery bed still had leaves on the trees when we got our first snow. Not unusual temps here, just much earlier than usual.


I think you mean “wind chill factor.”


Yesterday they were planning to hit us with 5-8 "


you must be way upstate Andy? usually very similar weather to us except we usually get more snow here. been brutal for sure!


yep. darn spellcheck!


0z midnite run is higher in snow amts, but similar track. These storms always have huge bust potential though…so hard to get too excited on big snow totals.


Southern edge of the Adirondacks, about 20 miles north of Utica, NY. We seem to catch a completely different weather pattern than Poland, NY just 5 miles away. I think your low temp for the season may exceed ours by 5-10 degrees. We’re shown as a zone 4a, but we may be closer to a 4b. Our home is quite a bit higher than the hamlet of Cold Brook, the house elevation is @ 1380ft.


Snow looks to have shifted south some on newest run. Extended looks very dry here. Temps look avg. Be nice to get a stretch of some sunshine.


On Sunday, We are expecting 3-6 inches of snow. I better clean all leaves in this nice sunny 52 degrees today.


Haven’t seen 50F in some time here. I think we had 3 days so far this month above avg… So many cloudy days which help keep the overnight lows mild, but the days just are so gloomy and depressing. I think i understand why i see so many Florida license plates in the summer around here and now i see none :sunny:


Lots of those around here too, as well as Arizona plates. Those are the smart folks who retire to states with far more resident friendly taxes. Lots of Minnesotans establish residency in AZ and FL and spend the winters there, then come back for the summers. Summers in MN or WI are great. MN’s taxes will eventually push us out of here.


They come to SoCal during their intense summer heat. We call them 'zonies.


when i went to yuma, AZ to visit my son stationed there, last spring, i was amazed at how many alberta, manitoba and saskatchewan plates there were driving around there. the rv parks were full of them.


Getting much cooler. Bring in the umbrellas from the terrace tomorrow and more soil for the citrus in the dining room where they spend the winter. I had a huge infestation this past summer of scale. Sprayed heavily with triazicide and water before they were brought into the house. Sprayed a week in advance of trees coming indoors. The scale is toast. The trees are fine. Will bring in bags of soil for them to fill out the tops for winter; fertilize and water. Should have blossoms by New Years! Still hope my house will sell!


Don’t see a lot of AZ but maybe i’m just missing them. Florida though…All over this past summer. I think they jump on that Florida residency for the taxes. Although Wisconsin does still have pretty cheap car registration and i’d guess insurance rates? vs Florida (i’ve driven in Miami…it was unlike anything i’ve driven in before).

86F today in Miami…lows in the 70Fs tonite (get that jacket out).

Small snow chance late week…not much…a quick inch. Dry thru the weekend…wetter next week? Slow warm up back into 30Fs (40Fs?) by Friday.

Iowa did well with snow


We’ve had very wet months from late July until now.
Tonight, the weather lady said we’ve had 20” of rain since Sept 1. So far, Worcester has had 8” of rain above normal. Wish this rain had gone to help CA with the fires.



Newport is right there with Providence. Ugh. Poured last night, all night long and again today and tonight.