How is your weather?


I don’t know the last time I saw the sun. Over a week for sure. Univ. of MN says September through November this year was one of the gloomiest (4th I think) on record. Lack of winter sun shine in northern areas can really lead to a lot of grumpy/depressed/drunk people.


The sun is out here!


NOT here…it was out earlier but has been heavy clouds the past few hours… there is clearing to the west that should move in here…maybe we’ll get a few hours of some sun…maybe…probably not…but maybe.

Hard to tell…but the snow and clouds can be a little annoying to pick out.


Sun did make it out here but i’d consider today partly sunny if that… lots of low thin clouds rolling thru. Some melt occuring however…and my driveway is no longer a fracture waiting to happen.


A strange, bright, glowing orb appeared in the southeast sky this morning


Alien invasion!


sunny but low 20’s here.


Raining all day! Yippee!!


Well yesterday was cloudy almost all day…flurries…so fail there…today has started cloudy, but a few flashes of sun here and there. The extended looks dry until next Weds… temps look mildish for this time of year…20Fs/30Fs

8F this morning in the van… one of the colder mornings so far.


Unseasonably warm here yesterday. Returning to more normal upper 50’s - low 60’s going forward.

On the topic of sunshine. I traveled to Western Michigan for work this week, and the sun was indeed briefly spotted :sunglasses::sunny:


Clouds…thick clouds all day. This forecasting is complete garbage… i


Sunny in the 70’s – photographing elephants at the San Diego Safari Park :slight_smile:


-5f right now! be -15f by morning. we are still in fall. going to be a long winter if this pattern holds. i can hear the glaciers coming down from Quebec!


LOL… yeah i can’t wait for the glaciers to start forming again. I live in the ‘driftless’ region of Wisconsin so we are immune (at least in the last 10,000+ years)…the glaciers stay to just the east and west… I’m sure summers would have been nice with a wind off a solid block of ice a mile thick. Probably made for some very interesting daily temp swings.

SUNSHINE :sunny: this morning. No clouds to be seen so far. Only 15F this morning. Should be a decent day.


Raining here…sideways…lotsa wind. Snow west of us.
“Tis a night not fit fer man ner beast”


3pm today at Green Thumb Nursery, San Marcos.


-10f and sunny.


OMG! That’s just to damn cold…


Freezing us out here!:wink:


thats mid sept- mid may weather here. :wink: