How is your weather?


It’s ridiculously warm here now. I’m 7 hours north of Key West and it’s still going to be 78 here today. I hope we get cool again soon… They say Thursday…


Miami looks 80fs and even upper 80Fs later next week. Slight cool down after but still mild. I’d love to be sitting on the beach this morning.


I’d call that sweaty. They can have it. Imagine what it’s like in summer.


We’ve been 41 hrs straight in the 20s. That’s about as long as it stays cold here.

According to the chill hr models that’s no chilling all that time. That still doesn’t seem right to this country boy. But maybe so.

The greenhouse has been 37-40 all that time. So I’d say that is 41 hrs of chilling.


It would be rough. The only silver lining with S Florida is if you had the yard, you can grow almost all the tropicals. But yeah…lots and lots and lots and lots of AC would be required. Winters would be amazing though. The traffic sucks.


Is anything blooming right now? I suppose the longer days in the next month should trigger some plants.

20Fs are fine… Its the subzero crap that will put hair on your chest.


No nothing blooming yet. I’ve had the GH on chill cycle since mid Oct. As soon as it warms up next week I’m going to ease into spring. Will have bloom by early Febr. Right now I have nights at 37-40 and days as cool as possible, usually 40s and 50s. The warmup will see nights the same but days 60-65F. I’ll hold that thru bloom or as long as I can. It will inch up a little because as the sun gets higher I can’t hold low 60s.


Fruitnut! I really miss the pictures of your high tunnel in bloom. Those pictures were pure magic!


Don’t even want to think about 77-88 deg weather. I’m loving our 40’s and 50’s right now.


Nothing wrong with 50Fs…i like the 50F to about 75F.

Sun out finally. This will be first sunny day in 2 weeks.


I read that the Orange Bowl was played last night in 75° weather.


Got another 4" or so last night. The wind is crazy today, gusts up to 30 mph. Have some serious snowdrifts out there. Temp is dropping, supposed to be a sub-zero high tomorrow. Warming up into the 30s by the end of the week though…nice


60° with scattered sprinkles this new year’s eve afternoon.


Rain all day, changing to snow now.

Staying inside in the warm and dry


snowing hard w/ 30mph winds! went smelt fishing for the 1st time at my ice shack at 430 this morning . was back by 630 with my gallon limit . going to fry them up for supper. by far my favorite fresh water fish to eat!


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-17 this morning. Supposed to be the last cold day for awhile though.


About an inch of snow here…areas not far south had over 6 inches…

extended Looks mild…probably 40F or better Thurs-Mon


Wow…40’s seems very nice for there right now…


We started the New Year with an overnight low of 41°F.