How is your weather?


I remember that. Although I loathe the cold it sure is amazing and beautiful when the world around you freezes in place! What an incredible display from nature…


Yeah, I was reminded on how cold it was after not wearing a glove for about 10 minutes taking these pics. I hate the cold too, but these were worth stopping for, a couple miles from the house. The frozen creek looked like a skating rink, but not enough to walk on.

No school for tomorrow, 6° now.


I just got some weird govt amber alert deal on my phone telling me because of extreme cold temps to turn my heat down to 65. :face_with_monocle:

I don’t remember them cutting my wood for me, 73 degrees in my house it stays…


Where do you live? Who was the alert from?


Yikes! I was telling my sixth grade class all about the incredibly low temps some of you were having, and we watched a Russian video with the boiling water trick (we study heat, weather and phases of matter). I lived in upstate NY, and have tried to tell them about the frigid wet cold, but I don’t think they quite get it. We have dry cold, so our snow is very powdery and the cold isn’t nearly as bitter.

We have only ever canceled school once in the 13 years I’ve been teaching, and that was due to the aftermath of high winds. The bus fleet had its windows blown out, and then we had to make it up during spring break.

We had a high of 42, and a low of 22 today, but our inversion is back and the air quality is getting bad again.


It came on my iphone ‘special government alert…i live in mason county Mi.


No alert here - but then we already keep our temps about that


Some utility companies here have had to shut down electricity for a few hours and some communities ran out of natural gas. Our electricity to our heat source was shut down from 4:30 - 9:30 p.m. the last two nights. Not a major deal as the shutoff was to our infloor heat. The floors dropped a couple degrees during that time span. The folks who got screwed out of natural gas I feel really bad for. Supposedly the supply was too low and they were bypassed so that other communities “down flow” could get gas. I smell a lawsuit

We bottomed out at -35 a bit ago. That’s enough of that


Our utility bills are going to be stratospheric!


-33F here… Some stations to the east stopped reporting at -38F…equipment failure or did the gauges not go down cold enough? no idea…


A guy I know lives southeast of me about 35 minutes. His vehicle thermometer showed -40 this morning


Public Information Statement
National Weather Service La Crosse WI
935 AM CST Thu Jan 31 2019


Location Temp Time/Date

Preston MN -44 F 0630 AM 01/31
1 E Black River Falls WI -42 F 0715 AM 01/31
Elkader 6SSW IA -41 F 0700 AM 01/31
Ettrick 4WNW WI -41 F 0700 AM 01/31
Theilman 1SSW MN -40 F 0730 AM 01/31
West Salem 2W WI -40 F 0800 AM 01/31
Bangor WI -40 F 0900 AM 01/31
Chatfield MN -39 F 0700 AM 01/31
Cashton 3NNW WI -39 F 0723 AM 01/31
Hillsboro 2SW WI -39 F 0700 AM 01/31
Wykoff 3NW MN -39 F 0730 AM 01/31
Gillingham WI -38 F 0600 AM 01/31
Mauston Airport WI -37 F 0755 AM 01/31
Mound Prairie MN -37 F 0800 AM 01/31
Austin 3 NW - Turtle Creek MN-37 F 0500 AM 01/31
Waukon 5SE IA -37 F 0600 AM 01/31
Holmen 4NW WI -37 F 0730 AM 01/31
1 ENE Boscobel WI -36 F 0703 AM 01/31
4 SSE Mound Prairie MN -36 F 0745 AM 01/31
2 N Ionia IA -36 F 0620 AM 01/31
Cochrane WI -35 F 0804 AM 01/31
Zumbro Falls MN -35 F 0815 AM 01/31
Mabel MN -35 F 0635 AM 01/31
1 SSE Kellogg MN -35 F 0720 AM 01/31
Boscobel Airport WI -35 F 0753 AM 01/31
Trempealeau Dam 6 WI -35 F 0700 AM 01/31
Sumner IA -35 F 0700 AM 01/31
Wadena IA -35 F 0730 AM 01/31
Volk Field WI -35 F 0756 AM 01/31
McGregor IA -34 F 0734 AM 01/31
Elkader IA -34 F 0730 AM 01/31
Necedah WI -34 F 0748 AM 01/31
4 ESE Douglas MN -33 F 0601 AM 01/31
La Crosse Regional Airport WI-33 F 0553 AM 01/31


I’m pretty sure i got frost bite last night messing with something outside when it was like -25F… my pinky finger…almost like a blister now. This sucks. Now the warm up does begin…40Fs by Monday… another cold shot one week from today but only down into the -10Fs or so…looks short lived. Hopefully after that its just more typical coldish Feb weather.


We were supposed to hit the alltime record low of -27 last nite, but the sky clouded up and it only got down to 20-




We broke the record for the date. Spent 13 hours below -20F… Might be tree replacement year.


I’ve been wondering how my trees will come through this winter. At least I may end up knowing what not to grow here


Well, I thought it would drop to about -5 here, my wife said -1, it got down to 0.1°. So, not too bad. If that’s the coldest we get for the winter, then that’s OK by me. We’re up on a slope, but our in-laws who live in the creek bottoms probably got below zero. We’re in town shopping, it’s 18 now, but they’re calling for 60 by Monday, I think.

Glad you guys on the frozen tundra are getting a brief reprieve. Some really brutal stuff, even by your standards.


Wow, five more degrees lower and you’d have to reserve that Uhaul! Well at least this weekend it’ll almost be shorts weather.

Wonder how @IL847, @Klondike_Mike and @Barkslip fared this morning.


16 degrees and getting colder. There was a minor squall last night that just left a dusting of snow.