How is your weather?


Stuff fails sometimes whether you maintain it or not. What seemed to happen simultaneously to us was probably a very very quick progressive event. Something failed due to cold/snow/moisture and probably overloaded the switch designed to catch an event such as this. The progressive failure caused others down the line. Thankfully it didn’t go any further than what it did.

As a young guy I interned for Virginia Power one summer. After work one evening as I watched TV with my folks, the power to the house blinked. It wasn’t the real quick blink you sometimes see, but a rather long one of a few seconds. I thought to myself that this couldn’t be good and I was right. The next day my supervisor took me to one of those large transformer substations. One of ceramic insulators actually blew up - but this one had about 8-10 of those inverted bowl type insulators placed in series and almost all of them disintegrated. THere were ceramic shards all over the transformer station yard. After this event, the backup switch failed, but thankfully the third level device held, but the event apparently blinked half the East Coast.

The amount of electricity transferred around is incredible.


Does cold weather blow transformers, or is the the snow, or is it the extra demand placed on them because people are using more electricity?


Do you have NG and heat again?


Beautiful sunrise before 4 days of rain and clouds.


Actual transformer part very unlikely will be affected by the cold for it is immersed in cooling oil.


Now that Hell (MI) has frozen over, you have permission to do many things …



Probably extra demand mixed with extreme cold? Not sure. I’ve never had (knock on wood) power loss in winter here. Very common with summer tstorms…

Single digits felt mild this morning by comparison. Should be 20F today.

During that cold -31F night my garage dropped to 1F. I opened the door for an hour during the afternoon and it quickly dropped to -4F (outside temp in neg teens)…so key is to keep it closed up.

Roads were terrible this morning. Very slick…lots of accidents. Witnessed a full size chevy pickup do figure 8’s down the interstate and crash into a big snow pile. Got lucky but i doubt he was getting out of that without a tow truck (i was going opposite direction).


Did the pickup have MN plates? I swear Twin Cities drivers are the worst


Funny you say that because yes it did…it was heading eastbound just coming out of MN… That stretch was just slick as ice and you really couldn’t tell. Probably just started sliding and corrected to much and that was that…sometimes its best to just let off the gas…and be very gentle with the steering.

The lakes are all frozen solid here…should probably take the van out there and do some figure 8s of my own.
I saw a dude once in a ford ranger going about 100mph across the lake…i’m like what a fool. There are huge pressure ridges that form…you hit one of those babies and you are catching some air.


It seems that a great number of folks from the great state of MN are really crappy drivers :grimacing: It also seems that a lot of the accidents/vehicles in the ditch I see are nice, new 4 wheel drive pickups. People think 4WD is a cure all…all 4WD does for you on ice is make sure all 4 wheels are slipping


a few years back a sledder was flying across a local lake and hit a 4ft. pressure ridge. killed him instantly! he was from CT.


I love 4WD as when slipping on ice you have to work to fish tail. So for me it’s much easier to drive on ice with it. Plus in the snow it’s 10 times better. I wish I had it!

I agree with you though people think they can drive normal or crazy, You still have to drive slower if you have any type of a brain. I like it because it’s harder to get stuck, yet you still can. that is where it is the most useful. On stop and go, not regular driving.


Thanks, finally was turned back on two days ago!


I’d have to disagree and nominate California drivers as the worst.


Iceboats! Does anyone have those anymore?


It seems like everyone has 4wd these days, yet many have terrible tires. I’d rather have front wheel drive with new winter tires over 4wd with worn down all-season tires.


Wow, that’s just painful, wind or not! 2 yrs. ago I tried a zone push with a z6 pear, Abbe Fetel, it didn’t make -19 last year and missed this year too. Hope your trees make it!


Definitely Maryland drivers (sorry MD folks!). This particular comic strip was very popular in the Richmond area: image


. I live near Lake St Clair and it is a great lake for ice boats. nice smooth ice. Miles of ice to travel. Looks like A BLAST!


I can tell you from decades of experience with 4WD vehicles that yes, it is harder to get stuck generally speaking. However, once you get a 4WD stuck…it’s stuck and it isn’t going to be easy to get unstuck :confounded:

Marginal tires and no weight in the rear end of a 4WD pickup is a recipe for disaster. I’ve got 800 lbs. of softener salt in the back of my 4WD plow truck. Without that additional weight I’d have had that truck buried a number of times already this winter.