How is your weather?


Mostly sunny and about 50 today, just about all the snow is gone, but now it’s Mudville around here again. Supposed to be in the 60s and sunny the next couple days, then more rain and cooler at the end of the week.


Janet was at it again today with her camera :slight_smile:


It was 70 degrees yesterday and 20 degrees two hours later. Kansas weather changes very quickly!


Melt underway


We had an amazing melt over the weekend…its been above freezing for close to 3 days now and most of that with temps stuck around 40F…snow went bye bye… big lakes of water all over.

Looks like a quick cold shot late week and then out by the weekend with a nice warmup. Extended looks normalish for Feb… NAEFS shows if you want hot weather, head to Florida, while western Canada/Pacific NW gets the brunt of the cold


I’ve already got outdoor nectarines blooming. It’s 9 weeks till last frost date. That’s what we get for having lots of chilling early in the winter season.


Steve, that is not a good thing. You did the right thing by building your green house.



I miss those winter thaws that southern and central WI seem to get. That doesn’t usually happen up here. From the looks of the long range forecast, it’s going to be well into March before any thawing occurs here.


This area’s first snow of the season,started yesterday afternoon.It’s going to warm up to about 40F,but will stay about 20F - 30F during the night,at least til mid month.
I need to get out and knock some off the


Pouring buckets right now. :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain:


60’s all week and now trees are budding out. It’s too soon.


Getting the same . Had these bloom already

And that’s grape Hyacinth blooming behind the Mini Daffodils…


It was 40F this morning and its back down to 19f now…

I was able to wash the car and spray out the garage floor(sand/salt/nastiness)…


-3 here right now. Didn’t get above 10 all day


A very chilly 43°f here at almost 6PM. I can see a dusting of snow in some of the mountains > 2000 ft to the south. Crazy!


Let me grab a tissue to wipe the tears from my eyes over your devastating cold :wink:

California is due for a hard freeze…like 20Fs in Los Angeles…an inch of snow in Newport Beach. Flurries in San Diego.


We have “San Diego Snow” every year down to the coast. It’s the petals falling off the ornamental pears!


Still a lot of cold air north of the border… I think Saturday morning will drop below zero…maybe -10F ish depending on the snowcover situation.


My god…That would be simply unbearable to me…


Snow once fell on the Los Angeles coastal plain with some regularity – on average, about once per decade. Since official records were first kept in 1877, the downtown Los Angeles weather station observed measurable snowfall three times, in 1882, 1932, and 1949, and news reports recorded snowfall elsewhere in the Los Angeles Basin in 1913, 1921, 1922, 1926, 1944, 1957, 1962 – and then never again, for 54 years running.