How is your weather?


-18 and -21 here on Thursday and Friday according to the forecast. Hope that’s the end of those temps for this winter. Kinda doubt it though


Yes, in 1962 I played outside in the snow one afternoon in Redlands, CA.


High temps today…most of the high temps around here came at or after midnite…and fell all day

70F in St Louis today…ugh… that is another area that seems to sneak in some warm temps in the middle of winter.


Well, I can tell you the excitement here from the snow weenies is palatable. NWS has been non stop all day about the “possibility” of sea level snow (that won’t stick). But if you’ve ever spent time here in Cali you’d realize we are woefully prepared for “real” winter weather in ANY stretch of the imagination. Especially with so many mountain roads and NOBODY has winter tires. It’ll make for some great pics if it materializes however :snowman::snowman:


It was a nice day in Death Valley…no rain…about 70F… a lawnchair, a book, some snacks… perfect day in the desert :sunny:


Slackers…death valley can’t compete with west TX. We were 73 today in the middle of a week of 70s. Just what we don’t need.


Not really crazy. This is how it is supposed to be. Last few years of warm winters skewed our view.


Maybe, but still pretty unusual by historical averages. Livermore’s “average” yearly snowfall is 0.0". So this is certainly an outlier.
2011 was the last measurable BA snow.


We’ve had mist on 11 of the past 14 days, and the forecast is for ~0.01" to 0.1" for each of the next 8 of 10 days. Dirt is growing Moss, Vehicles are all greyish black. BLAH.


Our next few days will be in the 70’s. I hate to complain but I don’t want my trees to bloom yet.


That’s a real worry here. We may or may not get another frost but much will be lost if we do :persevere:


I think I have six weeks of risk.


I was referring to snow on the hills. Snow on flat land Livermore would be a big deal!


Is snow visible on Mt. Diablo?


The Catalina Cherry-nut tree next to our front door toppled over during yesterday’s storm. :slightly_frowning_face:


According to my wife (who works in San Ramon) about the top 1/4 has snow. Here in Livermore the southern hills (1500’ asl) have a fair amount.

Just found this. This would be looking south at Mt. Diablo


It’s been in the 60s for the last 3 days including today, with tomorrow possibly getting to 70. But we’ll be beset with rain the next couple days, which we do definitely don’t need, as the ground is very soppy. Our driveway is turning into a mudpit in some spots.

I don’t mind the warmer weather but I don’t want too many days of this as it may cause some of the trees to start waking up. We’re still in the middle of winter, so we can’t have that happening yet. Still nice though, to not have the heat running as much as last week.



Ice storm on the way tonite