How is your weather?


Same here. Second snowiest February ever…:confounded:


x3! if we continue with this pattern it will break 08’ record for most snowfall. we got 200in. that year here.


I have hunch next Monday might be one of those too cold for school days. I could see another cancellation happening.

The added minutes to the school day here and got rid of our early release days to make up time.




I’m not sure I can see -40 in central KS as being realistic. Our forecast here in central/west central MN is calling for -20 both Saturday and Sunday night.


Maybe -40 is departure from normal???


Temp anomaly… just means off the avg for that time period. Its going to be cold…the question will be record cold or not. I do think -20F or better is looking more and more likely…just need the stars to line up with calm winds/clear skies. We have the snowpack.

Good news… after said cold shot blast Arctic plunge…cold retreats and we should see more typical March’ish temps…although nothing resembling spring.


That makes much more sense. My bad


Eau Claire, Twin Cities and St Cloud have all broken Feb snowfall records… Flooding is almost a given with this setup along the Mississippi River.


Whole lotta snow along the river north of St. Cloud all the way to the headwaters


would you guys stop sending your weather this way. :wink: snows covering windows now. total white out outside with windchills in the -20’s.



we had a wicked day yesterday! the worst of this winter. wind picked up mid day to gusts over 40mph! they closed most of the major and secondary roads. i couldn’t see 50ft out my window. they only closed the schools at noon and by then the roads we impassable! the plow trucks had to escort the busses to get the kids home. was one hell of a scrape! still gusting to 30mph and -37f windchill this a.m. single digits and -20f for the rest of the week. I’m convinced we are starting a new ice age! :wink:


We’ve had a ‘howler’ in RI for the past two days. You know the wind is strong and loud when you can’t hear your dishwasher running!


we are at 147in. and that was before this last 14in. storm. looks like its going to break our 08’ record!


Move move move move!@ J/k… i couldn’t do 147 inches…i can’t handle this. I hate the snow more then the cold…i can handle cold pretty easily to a point …i hate falling (i feel on my ### last week and i can still feel it)…and i hate driving in it. The interstate was an ice skating rink earlier. Lots of crashed cars again. Could see where a bunch of people left the road and ventured down into the ditch. It was weird…it looked ok…but i felt my rear end drift a little and that was enough to tell me to slow down.

Nws La Crosse says:
Highs on Sunday and Monday may stay below zero over portions of the area, with the entire area no higher than the single digits above zero.

Add wind with that too… yum!


That’s a LOT! We only got 90" here for the record 79 season


Amarillo is 20F and freezing fog at 10:33 am Wed. It will be 72 on Friday and 12 on Monday. I just love TX weather…not…!!


tell me about it and our winters are getting colder with more snow in the last 10 yrs! global warming my arse!


drove thru there in apr. of 93’ . heading from NM to ME and encountered that lovely fog ya’ll get there. :wink: