How is your weather?


I’ve gone around my roof and broke up those ice dams 4xs already. my pitch is shallow so if i don’t keep up on it, when it melts, the water backs up under the shingles. happened once about 6 years ago and the water leaked down a wall and ruined the floor.


GFS shows mid 50Fs mid month…so the melt should really take off by then. Its going to be a slop fest. Still can’t wait to find out if all my trees are dead or what from Jan cold.


You must be getting warm air that my area isn’t…or you’re looking at different long range stuff than I am. I have one or two 40 degree days the last week of March. Other than that it’s teens to 30s.


March is tough because a front can set up right around this area…where south of it can be 70F and north can be 30F… its nice to see but definitely nothing to lock in this far out. I do think the trend is more typical March weather and hopefully some melt.

The NAEFS has slowly been lessening on the cold air dome overhead…hopefully its gone completely in a few days. This would then point to a mid month mild shot.


I’m all in for some melting. I’ve enjoyed snowshoeing a couple miles a day 4-5 times a week for weeks (and weeks), but I’m ready to go back to walking on the roads.


Just looking at Day 10 Euro…the cold air is pretty much locked back in the Arctic (purples/blues) …with a trough off the coast of California (more rain?) …so ridging is pumped up in the middle of the country which brings a SW flow…so warmer air should be on the way. Whole country should be “mild”…


Hope this materializes. We’ve been cold and below average dreary for over a month. I haven’t even started to fertilize any citrus yet. (About a week and counting behind schedule)


I did that right before the last storm. The trees were not waiting and were sprouting buds.


We had a high of 37 today,we were out chipping and cutting branches from the sycamore we are taking out until it started snowing again. Tomorrow will be in the 40s, with no snow. Now I’m stiff and trying to stay awake until a respectable time.


It’s going to rain again all day tomorrow. We’ve had twice the amount of rain we usually get in the last six months.

The bad freeze nights coming gained two degrees in the forecast that might matter. But the 19-20 degree night stands. Today one of my peaches is definitely blooming, darnit. And a large mystery J plum that I may never get to see the fruit on, lol.


Live from Fairbanks AK … it’s Saturday night!


Checking out the ice sculptures?


If time permits in the morning. We’re heading out to Chena Hot Springs for a week in hopes of aurora sightings. :slightly_smiling_face:


A high temp of 1F today, March 3rd, . . .you’ve got to be kidding me. Boys HS tennis season starts 3 weeks from tomorrow.


@subdood_ky_z6b - just in time for us to get there next week. The winter weather is following us I think. :weary: I want that 60’s weather you all had last week!


going to ba a balmy sunny 28f today then another 6in. tom. then teens again all next week! :frowning:


Seeing the Aurora Borealis is on my bucket list! Good luck!


Yesterday was 37 here. We spent most of the day cutting and chipping branches of the big tree we are taking out, then we potted some bare root grapes and planted the peach and apple trees that came Fri. We quit when the snow started flying again. It is supposed to be 41 today, with the snow quitting soon.


-13 with a -32 windchill currently. High of -3. Awesome March so far


Avg hi temp is almost 40F… we won’t get out of the single digits today/tomorrow… -4F right now.