How is your weather?


About 36, and snow is about over here, we got maybe 2", looks nice, but it’s about to change over to rain. This weekend will get up to the 60s, with T-storms tomorrow. So, more messy ground to deal with. Would like to get the tractor out but still can’t.


Get prepared for a second wet year in a row I think, Bob. Certainly it’s starting off as wetter than last year, and last year was a record.


Last year was horrible here. VERY wet…I really hope not this year. I couldn’t even till weeds out of the rows…


I hope - not into the leak in my roof


You should be mostly (all)rain…doesn’t look horrible on GFS…this is accumulated liquid next 144hrs…according to what it sees.

That area Omaha and northwest towards MSP looks awfully wet. Obviously the track of the storms can move that precip up or down//left or right.


Man, I sure hope that’s accurate. 5" or so is not a big deal. Close to a foot is a different deal entirely


That is liquid precip…rain… some of that would be frozen/some liquid (2nd storm)…


5" of liquid in a week…oh boy. On top of the 3-4’ snow pack that would be kinda catastrophic


Yeah, I think this winter has already been a top 5 wettest ever here. And last year was almost as bad. Hate it but what can you do? At least it’s supposed to warm up starting tomorrow, with just a couple nights below freezing the next week.


This is the snowiest in a long time up here. I am really glad I will not be here when it melts. The mud in the clay is bad up here - it’s not going to dry out until July at this rate. The temperatures seemed pretty normal, but the snow was in amounts that I haven’t seen in years.

Last time I checked I saw 3" for tomorrow and 3-5" Sunday - but the temps were going to warm into the 30’s and it’s coming out of the East again which makes everything here worse for some reason. Sounds messy :frowning:


On ground with 28" of frost too. Our radio farm show said NWS predicted 95% of all streams in Ia. will flood this year. Deep frost, deep rain, and deep snow means deep floods.
Wet spring will not portend a wet summer, look at this winter.


NWS seems to ECHO y’alls concerns… the Midwest and East look to be stay in MAJOR flood stage for quite some time…


The Quad Cities NWS had a facebook post asking for frost depths here in eastern IA last week, and I was surprised to hear that in some places with snow there was only 6" of frost.

There isn’t enough frost in the ground here to stop the city from doing a major storm drainage project in our neighborhood. Their contractor was out working in the dark a few weeks ago with the snow coming down in sheets in our 8-9" snow storm. I guess the equipment is all big enough now that the frost barely makes it shrug?


Looking like 4 warm and rain free days coming starting Sunday in Kentucky. So, everything but the flurries and frosts might be past for the season here. We are sure to have a flurry or two…Spring rarely arrives on March 10 without winter trying to argue about that.


Spring will eventually come… May be next year…


Storm is just a couple hours south and the weather guessers still have no idea how much snow we’re gonna get. 6-14" is one heck of a range.


upper 20’s and windy. 4-6’’ coming tom. night. then in the mid 30’s all next week! finally starting to melt!


I think they can get through that frost. We had a big water main break (under the road i think) in town here…what happens is the frost can penetrate a lot deeper thru concrete (no insulation like snow) so it can reach down and freeze those pipes…they dig right down to it. Huge mess when its cold.

Almost 40F here… nothing falling yet…when it does it should be liquid at least to start.


The models have not done well with this. The GFS seems even further south the last i looked. I like the 3km NAM (its hi res) ///it has been pretty consistent showing warm air being wrapped northwestward causing more rain then snow (this area/points just north and west)… this will be intersting to look back at and see what model was more accurate.


Seems to be about half the rain they were predicting - less than a half inch