How is your weather?


3 days of rain forecast for this week :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


supposed to hit upper 40’s by next fri. here.


About time! :+1:


Even this afternoon there were streets that were filled with water and it was only 32F… Water everywhere this week. I did see the GFS dropped rain amounts here some this week…


will be like that soon here. just hope it doesn’t melt too fast .


Kill da Wabbbittts!


3 days with highs above freezing in the forecast next week…woohoo


I hope that forecast is real… I have so much to do outside! Really sick of the rain.


Looks likes things are gradually warming.This could be the last freezing night in the Seattle area this season.Just about right.There are buds starting to


Like you I’m looking forward to the possibility of any temps above freezing. Anything over 40 degrees and I’ll probably be rolling down the windows on my drive home acting like I live in the tropics.


Wild storm with lightning, loud thunder and hail too


I am not looking forward to that!


This is your new house and you already have apricots on the ground! I am sooo jealous. Sorry about the storm.


Michigan, my Michigan, what in the world, today is barely 30, it’ll be teens again tonight, it blew over 40mph all day saturday to dark sunday, its going to jump to 60 on thursday? then be no where near that for awhile again. I don’t even care at this point, i will lay in my work parking lot thursday and declare spring is here.


@bleedingdirt hows the new digs coming? Doing a ton of outside work this year?


Looks like finally a spring’ish forecast… Going to be some massive snowmelt in the next 10 days.

1st NAEFS that hasn’t shown blue in a long time for this area. A good welcome change…probably means a more typical/warmer pattern coming.


finally above freezing today . let the chicks, ducks and geese out to enjoy the weather . bought them some kale and overripe tomatoes for a treat. ducks finally gave us 2 big eggs this morning. hoping to have goose eggs also very soon! only time i can let the birds out is winter / early spring as they love to dig in my mulch , under my bushes, looking for worms once the ground is exposed.


Do they all get along? We have birds but they are cockatiels…


for the most part. they have been all raised together so they think they’re all kin. the geese are definitely dominant but our barred rock rooster will challenge them occasionally. of course he looses. those geese can bite hard! I’ve hand raised them so they bonded to me but if strangers are around , and they’re loose , they will try and intimidate them by squawking and rushing towards them with their wings spread. i scold them and they back down.


I love to have some chickens, ducks,and geese in the yard. Many many years ago I had a pair of ducks in my backyard. The male duck was very vicious and attacked everybody.That duck looked like the one in the photo: