How is your weather?


Mid to upper 50s tomorrow through Monday here. Chance of rain Saturday and Sunday. That’s okay, it’s been dry for quite awhile. A bit of rain will help get rid of the remaining snow and help to start greening things up where the snow is gone.


It’s 1pm, the temp is 32F and its beginning to snow…


I think the shorts and tshirts might come out for 1 day finally. Too bad it doesn’t last.
I could take about 100 days of 68-72F … sun… light winds…


40’s-50’s more rain! Orchard day tomorrow😊


Can’t wait…big ole stinky snowstorm heading for the midwest? Late next week be on the look out. Highly suspect these snowfall totals, but funny to see.


Wunderground calling for 13-20" here next week Weds.-Thurs. NWS only has relatively low chances of rain/snow mix.

I sure hope NWS is right


That’s me right in the crosshairs!


we don’t need that!


You need it more then i do. I don’t like snow :smile:

Finally going to be able to leave out the indoor plants overnight…tonite a low of 53F and Sunday a low of 45F… should be fine for even the tropicals.


The 6z GFS totally flipped…which is a sign these models are still all over the place…although looking at the Euro…it also flipped hard north…so who knows.

It has 30 inches of snow just north of Minneapolis… no…no no no… the river is just starting to come down.


The models are horrible this time of year. Until we get beyond the spring predictability barrier I wouldn’t put much stock in them.


I put my citrus out already


12z pushes heavy snow into the Dakotas…low track basically is now over my head… so it has moved hundreds of miles south (last night) to far north (this morning) to now back south… yeah.its all over. The one things though is that all the models do have a strong system in the area and that should mean lots of precip…which none of the area really needs with still very high water levels…

I’ve still been following the Oroville Dam some…i see they opened the new spillway to water flow. That was a pretty massive project they did in a quick amount of time. Hopefully its all good now.


I think citrus are pretty hardy? I have a seedling grapefruit that is about 3feet tall now.

My gardenia must like the longer days… lots of new flowers forming. The big plant though burnt its leaves the other day…my banana also has some burning on its leaves, as does the fig. I need to repot a bunch of stuff…


The plants are - the fruit less so

I think


A few of my potted strawberries in 1 gallon pots are pushing new leaves after spending winter in the garage. A good sign.

Looks like mid 60Fs will be about where we get today…still feels nice.


Trees are in bloom and we are getting quite a bit of rain, I hope the pollinators can persevere. Chance of T-storms later this week…


still below average at low 40’s melting has slowed. big storm by weds. supposed to drop 8-10in. winter isn’t done here yet.


Below average highs. 50’s for the next three days. Will finish pruning! And no wind!


43 and raining. I can almost see a bit of greening out there (it may be my imagination)