How is your weather?


I think if we had days to use they would have easily called school here.


Our brilliant politicians passed a resolution absolving all school districts of having to make up snow days.


They added minutes to the school day here…so the kids go longer every day until the end of the year…and then they got rid of early release days.

To me…the roads were the worst they’ve been all winter here. At least locally because they never plowed anything or salted/sanded.


Ya, that’s how it is supposed to work. If that isn’t enough, you add days to the end of the school year until you’ve met the days required by state law. Not in MN though. You just wave the magic wand and make it easy for everyone.


You get into problems when the school year runs into next fall


Lots of school districts here are done by Memorial Day. Worst case scenario was they’d have to go through mid June. Would have been a great lesson for everyone involved. “Life is difficult sometimes, but you just persevere and get through it.”


But then they start again in mid-August


With the younger kids…a large chunk of those go to summer school it would seem. We also have at least 1 school here that is year round. So yeah…schedules are all over the place. This winter was NOT normal.

Raining or something out now… traffic is just crawling this morning.


Most here start the very end of August or after Labor Day. 170 school days is not that big of a deal. We have these hugely expensive school buildings now that have to be maintained at certain temps and humidities. Why just let them sit empty?


Appears to be about 8 inches on the non concrete/pavement surfaces. Had to blow out the driveway. Very pretty however, as the wet snow is really sticking to the trees. Not snowing now, and not sure how much more we’re supposed to get.


Sleet/ice pellets still coming down here along with lots of wind. Roads still garbage. Plow trucks did come out though.they had to.

No way am i shoveling this crap. Y ou’ll die of a heart attack. Its solid enough that you can walk on it.


Our kids go to a school built in 1950s. I actually think its pretty good shape for that age. They’ve maintained it well…excellent location. Might have a little bit of a prison feel to it, but a lot of parents seem to like it. We do have almost brand new schools here too but i really haven’t been inside…and yes they cost a fortune to build these days (labor costs/material costs)…as does everything (new pickup trucks?)

I think my cauliflower/lettuce might be toast. They are covered in thick sleet snow. I should have covered them with buckets. Oops.

Watch next Thurs…another low in S Iowa…looks very wet. Not as cold as this on. Should be all rain.


Seems like the Willamette valley in western Oregon would be nice, western Washington too. Fairly mild winters to protect fruit buds and pretty dry summers for less pest and fungal issues. . .


I’m going to build a pontoon out of plywood and float down the river…

I like the UK where they have canals that take you all over the country . Maybe i’ll float there :slight_smile:

Euro has a nice freeze day 8-10 for upper midwest…freezing line makes it pretty far south …something to watch.


It’s been thundering here off and on for a few hours. Alternating precip between snow and ice pellets. I have zero idea how much snow we’ve received, with the wind pushing 50 mph at times there’s anywhere from 0 to 8-10" in my driveway. Most businesses are shut down (even bars) or will be shutting down early. A rather crazy storm to watch.


Yes! The lightening and thunder snow woke me up this morning, and when i was out and about i watched a tree snap and fall down. Weird, weird storm. The snow/hail stuff thats all over the ground has a yellow brown tone to it. Not sure what that’s about.


Could be dust that blew up in west texas / panhandle. It was WILD out there.


Picture of it from space…center of the low somewhere around SE SD pulling a bunch of warm air northward to the east…70Fs/80Fs in Ohio Valley… big high pressure over Hudson Bay feeding in that cold air to make the snow monster. St Louis, MO sitting at 79F… i live too far up the Mississippi.



wicked looking storm!