How is your weather?


@warmwxrules what do you think the low temperatures will get down to in Dane county (southern edge)? I’ve mostly seen around 25 but a few places have it a bit higher or lower.


I don’t but they are practically everywhere. We have a few commercial Olive groves making commercial olive oil a mile from me. They are basically bullet proof and also love the very hot dry climate. Just like their homeland in the middle east.


Very tough to say depending on wind/skies conditions and of course snowcover (which may help protect things)… It won’t take much to drop to mid 20Fs considering once the snow starts, the temp is going to drop to around freezing and below. 25F sounds pretty doable…hopefully it stays above that… Being here (La Crosse) i’m probably going to clear out sooner tomorrow night so i’ll be dealing with more clear skies/calmer winds…yikes. I’m going to triple cover my artichokes.


Concerned about heavy snow load on leafed-out trees


I double covered a few things (2 buckets)…i’ll blanket them tomorrow night after the precip is done (sounds like all snow here)… They are saying lots of wind so i’ll have to keep an eye out.

Moved all my potted plants back inside (i need a greenhouse).

The crazy thing is even the roads will probably get slick with such high snow rates (1-2 inches an hour).


I covered a few of the vegetable beds tonight, broccoli, garlic and onions. Low hoops with agribond row cover then a tarp on top of that. I’ll have to go out and clear snow off them a few times tomorrow so they don’t collapse. Might put some milk jugs of hot water in there tomorrow night.

I’ll probably cover a few honeyberries tomorrow as those are in full bloom. The currants are pushing out their flower buds but still closed so hopefully they are hardy enough.

The apples are at tight cluster so I’m hoping the snow is sticky enough to provide some insulation.

The next 36 hours are going to be fun. :roll_eyes:


I’m counting on the snow to provide insulation for row crops and plants in the ground


We are going to have snow this afternoon. My plum is blooming and pears are ready to bloom. Hope the snow will not hurt the flowers🙏


As long as the Temp doesn’t drop below 28 degrees F then most flowers will be ok.


The snow has slowed down a bit, hopefully will turn into rain and melt this little guy.


It looks like the various weather outlet updated the overnight lows to around 27 vs 25 previously. Feeling a bit better about my apples now.


Snowed here heavily earlier but nothing stuck… Saying 29F here…i’ve got stuff covered…not worried about blooming trees. Should clear out this evening.


The snow is still coming down hard and really starting to stick.


Not sticking here, still just above the freezing point


Katie at least you have the humor for a snowman. It will be in the high forties here tonight and that feels bad enough. I can’t stand the thought of little fruit.


@mrsg47 My middle child made it and I’m glad she did! It snapped me out of a poor mood due to snow. :blush: the snowman is still there but the rest of the yard is snow free and there isn’t anymore coming down, which I’m glad to report!

I’m sure the plants will be fine- the lowest temp tonight is supposed to be 30 now, which is up from 24. I will surely take it.


SMH. Wow, snow! It’s almost frickin MAY!! :snowman::snowman::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The snow is pretty much wrapped up here. Currently a little more than 2 inches of accumulation on the deck but it was melting as it hit the ground for much of the day. All told I bet we got 5+ inches total.

Luckily most places changed the predicted low tonight from 24-25 to 27-28 so I’m less worried about my apples.


We have 2~3 inches on the ground now.temporary is around 33ish . Does anyone know the snow and low temperature this time of the year might help control insects? I would think the plum curc, coding moth, stink bugs are all out of dormant in active state.


The stink bugs are definitely out of dormancy, or at least some of them are, seen one or two the past couple of weeks. They should take a hit. I’m hoping the peach borers are on that list too. I’ve had it with them.

The boxelder bugs can also hopefully have a light year.