How is your weather?


My rain gauge only goes to 5"



Rain. And cold. Cold. And rain. On a “good” side - no need to thin peaches or plums. Zero pollinators… Flowers look like they are refrigerated…


Same weather but warmer here. We’re supposed to have rain tonight. Today was totally overcast and limp. We had sun for about five minutes today. But there was no rain, and insects were flying around my orchard. Odd looking flies, and large bumbles. Haven’t seen a Mason bee yet.


Same here…almost 3 days straight of 40Fs…clouds now for days…still thick rain looking clouds this morning. The forecast calls for 60F today though…so a slow change at least in temps.

Was looking at April …temps were almost exactly normal…precip came in a little below normal…for my area.

Sweet cherry is blooming now.


86 yesterday…currently 84…before noon today. Near records I think.

But, it’s been good for the grafts…2 or 3 more that appeared not to take grew leaves like magic over night.


Mid 80s here yesterday, very windy too. It got to 82 in the house, so I gave in and turned on the AC, just enough to bring it down a bit.

Figured I’d better take advantage of the somewhat dry ground and disk the garden plots, that took about an hour, but they look nice and workable now, hope to get corn and beans planted next week. Also got the front yard mowed as I figured I won’t have a chance after the rains start again tomorrow.

We had a couple showers overnight. Seems like we’re in a pattern of dry, warm and windy weather early in the week, and then an inch of rain over the weekend. Would be nice for it to dry out for more than a week, but that’s prob not going to happen here. I sprayed my trees with Surround Tue night, so will prob have to reapply after the weekend rains.


Yeah…it’s winter up here and summer down there…basically southeast US.///Texas was very hot too…

The sun has made an appearance here…

Just looking ahead…i see no 80F temps (actually very few 70Fs) in the next 10 days for this area… next week has more cold high pressure mid week…


upper 40’s to low 50’s here and sunny for the next week. about 10 deg. below average for this time of year. april was the 3rd wettest on record. glad to see everything drying out before my other plants arrive next week.


If it can stay 60F or above i’m good…my broccoli and lettuce look to be growing nicely now. I should hit them with ferts. I also saw my first strawberry flower.


High today here 44


I’m fine with rain every weekend!


Nearing 60F at lunch time… calm winds are a little chilly…mostly sun all morning but i think that might come to an end here… 36F this morning…no frost… Mostly dry weekend coming up…

Late next week looks very wet again.


Check out that temp swing!
It’s been crazy, even by our standards lol :snowman::sunny:


Sun and 60s today, then back to highs in the 50s for at least the next 10 days


Took about a 15 mile bike ride this afternoon… 71F now…60Fs tomorrow but next week looks like winter again…maybe weds or thurs might not get out of the 40Fs… ugh. Just would love a stretch like today. So nice out there.


Finally see the sunshine after days of rain and cold temperatures. Upper50s feels like a summer! Get all my pears, quince, and crabapple grafted. Ready for apricot and plum grafting temperature to come. Carmine jewel is in full bloom. Lost of bees, love to hear the bumble bees’ buzz.


Looks like a good rain tonight. It’s been high 80’s so this would be good a few times a week…


Beautiful mild morning/afternoon…but a line of tstorms has moved thru and the heavy downpours showed up. Shouldn’t last long. Made it to 74F. That should be the end of 70Fs for awhile :frowning:

40Fs for highs midweek.


My skin is beginning to look like dragon scale with moss. If it rains one more day. . . Can’t stand it!!! Everything outdoors is beginning to look lush and green, however, my biggest concern is the pollination of my apricots being destroyed by rain for another year! I hope that isn’t the case. My apples and plums are still in tight bud as are my pears so they will not be affected. Sun for the next two days then yep, more rain. Then sun for almost a week.