How is your weather?


Wet snow about 10" so far and another 6" predicted thru tonight and early AM tomorrow. This was preceded by a day or so of rain. A really wet storm (or series of them), even for spring for us. Fortunately the fruit trees had not yet broken their buds, so they should be OK, same with the garden as it got covered in the snow. Last night hit 22F, but that should be the coldest it gets in this thing.


Steve, where are you located?


I am in the Colorado front range foothills, at 8300’ of elevation. Spring snows are not that uncommon here, but it is getting more into spring rain season for this one.


45F and clouds here this afternoon…

Warm up starts tomorrow…but almost a clipper type system for late weekend should make Sunday wet…another system in for next Weds too shoudl make things soggy and then a much better warmup into upper 70fs/80F by late week…w.e’ll see.


I saw my first Oriole in the backyard. I put an orange out for him/her.

Feels like winter today.


I like the oriole part. We do not get them here. We had a few in Ohio, I remember as a child. A beautiful bird! Don’t like the feels like winter. We’re having a chilly May, buckets of rain, but that is typical right into the middle of June. After June the rain turns into humidity you can watch fall from the skies nightly!


Male orioles have been hitting our orange dish full of grape jelly for about a week now.


Here as well!


I’ll have to get some grape jelly. No wonder walmart had a huge rack of it in the bird seed area the last time i was in there.

61f and sunny…clouds here and there. Cool day but beats the last few.


76° and sunny at 12:42 pm. Probably looking at low 80’s for a high. Very pleasant stable weather for a change. Normally we start to fry on occasion this time of year.


Sunny, light winds and 57 degrees. Shorts weather


I’m further south than anywhere in CA or AZ. This is todays mid afternoon temperatures.




No shorts here in Newport, RI. Still a chill in air (cold when there is a breeze) but when the sun is out, and I am trimming, with my new fab lawn trimmer, its hot. Vest comes off, I leave my hat on and its beautiful!


New Mexico/Texas/N Mexico look to win across the N Hemisphere this afternoon when it comes to temp anomalies (the bad kind :slight_smile:


Yep. Total anomaly. 82° in my backyard - Long Beach/LA/Santa Barbara mid 60’s. Weird!


When it’s 95 degrees warmer than your coldest winter temp…it’s shorts weather :wink:


60 degrees…time to drag the flannel back out.


Good point!!


It was supposed to be dry today!