How is your weather?


930mb would make for a powerful storm. Are they less apt to hit the coast nowadays?

I didn’t know Sequoia’s went that far north, I thought the biggest trees in North Cali were Redwoods, while the Seqouia’s were mostly in the central parts.


GFS model showing impact directly on NYC. GFS must hate the big metro areas! DC last night, NY tonight…Moving quite a bit faster than ECM at 240hr.

ECMWF model taking aim much farther south, like towards Florida/Georgia.


The coastal redwoods are sequoias, specifically Sequoia sempervirens. :slight_smile:

Storms are generated continuously in the Gulf of Alaska year-round. In the summer they are modest and careen into the Alaskan panhandle and British Colombia. Those areas are northern rainforests of conifers. Come Fall they start coming further south before hitting the coast and by winter they are entering California – sometimes staying off-shore until central California latitudes; e.g., San Francisco, Monterey. By then of course they have the magnitude of an “average” winter storm. But in the late Fall or early Winter it’s normal for an annual storm to plunge into the lower 900’s and hit the coast of Washington, Oregon, or northern-most California (i.e., Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino counties).


Well, if you you’re talking to another botanist, then you’re correct, but I think most folks would just call the coastal versions redwoods, and call the thicker giant trees sequoias. I’ve actually been in Redwood Natl Park, walking among those big trees, and it’s mind-boggling to stand at the bottom of those giants and not being able to see the top of them. It’s like another world, you almost expect a Hobbit to walk out and meet you.


Yeah…i saw that. NYC …then it moves due north. A lot of folks on here would be impacted with high winds and torrential rains under that scenario… Just have to keep watching. Also looks to have sped up on the 18z…

Total rainfall over the next roughly 10 days…under the 18z run…obviously lots of time/shifts.


I’ve actually lived in both locations.


After a little more research, it turns out:

The “Redwoods” are the true Sequoias in genus Sequoia of family Cupressaceae

The Giant Sequoias are in their own genus, Sequoiadendron of the same family.


Newest GFS, 0z for today (9/2). This has it a bit farther east than DC, which was last night’s forecast, and a lot farther south than the last model (NYC). This time it’s aimed at the Delmarva area, at about 926mb, cat 4-5 with winds at about 150mph, on 9/10. Continuing north, would hit Philly head on. Still a long ways out tho.


So many runs…time …but trend for gfs is east coast landfall… 6z shows just south of NYC landfall


12z GFS shows a giant monster pig of a storm heading straight towards DC area… Monster epic run…


Can you weather types start a new thread about Irma so we can keep a watch on it. You are making us coasties nervous.


Yup…started one in the lounge. Post away any thoughts, ideas, comments


Palm Springs above. My backyard weather station on the bottom. Notice the UV, humidity, and dew point differences. It’s not too often I could go to Palm Springs in September to “cool off”


95 or 96 again today, humidity going down to typical 17%; lots of smoke from umpteen fires in any direction. Sometimes we can see blue sky, looking straight up. NO rain forecast.


Since Irma has been discussed in this public forum, and could affect some members not in the lounge, shouldn’t we keep this topic in a public category? Is there a way it can be moved back to this forum?


About to pour!


Well, I drove from San Diego to Sacramento (my daughter picked-up her car there) and to Davis CA on 9/2/2017, then unloaded a bedroom, living room, and laundry room of furniture and appliances from a tall cargo van. The temperatures were ridiculous. I noticed many fruit/nut orchards in the southern portions of the central valley (Grapevine to Los Banos) suffering from heat stress. At 11pm here in Davis the temps were still in the upper 90’s. Today I’ll be driving around looking for an electric dryer to replace the gas one I brought from San Diego, along with a Full-size mattress on Labor Day Sale and possibly a new or reasonably new woman’s bicycle. :slight_smile: :heart:


Still in the 90’s here so I went swimming yesterday and likely will today. It’s anyone’s guess what the weather will do next because the weather is totally different than it was during my childhood. The fruit crop was great this year but was not what I had in mind it would be. The inability to predict weather is something I never experienced until recent years. Sure was nice to have less work this summer without a huge pear crop but of course I will miss the pears. We did put up plenty of pears from previous fatter years so all is well but we will be eating from canning jars this winter. The fruit crop of plums, aronia, grapes, various berries etc was huge and we are still trying to deal with it!


I’ve been in Davis CA the last two days helping my younger daughter and her 2 roommates get settled into their townhome prior to their upcoming junior & senior years at UC Davis. The summer heat hasn’t been outrageous, hitting highs of 103°F each day. The air quality has not been good as if there are fires raging in the region or every farm chose this weekend to plough their fields. I am happy to report those young ladies are all set. Did I take time to walk around and reminisce at Wolfskill? Of course!


Grandpa’s pool last weekend was sitting at 70F but the kids still swam. He even covers it when not in use but the longer/cooler nights are taking a toll. We didn’t even try yesterday because i figured water temps were probably 68F.

Lots and lots and lots of smoke in the air around here. The skies were not blue yesterday…

Visible sat shows the middle of the country this morning covered in forest fire smoke…