How is your weather?


We don’t bother to plant anything here until Memorial Day weekend. Even then can be too early sometimes. I drove past a number of Amish farms yesterday and they all had tomatoes planted with plastic jugs covering them. None of the plants appeared any higher than 6-8". Just not worth planting warm weather crops in central MN much before the end of May.



Not here. August was horrid. Parts of I90 were closed due to flooding and you couldn’t get thru traveling down towards Madison. Then fall was pretty much non stop clouds. Dec/Jan were dry though and Jan started very warm and then all hell broke loose and here we are. I’m talking 1988 drought…or 95? …something that melts the lawns…wing dams start ripping off lower units…that type of dryness.

Precip is very hit or miss though…its more looking at the long term trend. Even in Wisconsin…it can be bone dry in one area and flooding in another. Just depends a lot on storm track.

Avg precip is 33.06 inches a year… So 2012 was the last dry year…and 2003 was probably the last “drought” type year…


Last year May was warm (for here) and you could go early but this year…nope. Unless you have a greenhouse or something. I think farmers are waaaay behind this year. Lots of soybeans going to get planted. They’ll have to mud everything in.


Farmers here are indeed way behind. Many will not be able to get corn or beans planted in time to be insured. I imagine there will be many acres of ground not planted to cash crops this year.


Perhaps just as well not planted, if China isn’t buying any!


Up to 76F with very strong south winds all day. Dews in the 50Fs making it feel a tad summery.


It’s hot and expected to be hotter this weekend, worst part is no chance for rain until the end of the month…looks like I’ll be doing some supplemental watering…


its temps like that that make me appreciate living in the north. when is cold you can put clothes on but when its hot/ muggy theres no escaping it! i icefish comfortably at -20f but when it gets over 70f I’m under the a/c! temps like that even the a/c can’t keep up! you have great winters tho and someday i would love to snowbird to the south in some of the winters just to be able to grow stuff down there.


Almost 2" in the gauge now. With the 1.6" we got a few days ago…it’s wet. Really wet. More rain on Friday they say. I wish I could save some of this for July/August


Sorry bro, for most people it’s never thong weather!!


I can 100% guarantee you that at least some women wear thongs up here … rare for sure, but my eyes don’t lie. Not sure about dudes…try not to look! but i’m sure it happens…but yeah…its not Miami Beach.

78F today… temps dropping and dews are dropping back. Noticing the black raspeberries are just opening first flowers. Rain Thurs/Fri… River back above flood stage. Beautiful summerish weekend coming up.


having good A/C is key…the heat is usually the worst in the early afternoon, then when the sun goes down it’s cooling off a bit…mid to upper 80’s…with a breeze and low humidity that’s really nice…

oh we’ve got lots of snowbirds, but usually they’re passing through on their way to south Florida. Canadians in particular seem to like it down there.


How’d you make out last night?


Another day with highs in the 50s. I’m sure there’s been cooler springs, but I sure don’t remember them. Burr oaks here are just starting to bloom, so they have no leaves. Big tooth aspen about the same. I swear we’re close to a month behind “normal”


Well, I have a Niedzwetzkyana apple almost big as a golf ball…and pie cherries all got picked a week ago by the birds…left me 4 cherries.


Sun went a way for a day, just overcast but still in the high 50’s pas low 60’s. Typical May weather in Newport, a little more on the chilly side. Not a good day to spray.


Well the week isn’t over yet, but it would seem that the forecast this guy gave turned out more or less as stated. We had cold weather in the Rockies (maybe a foot of snow my me which is melting, latest measurable snow in Denver in like almost 1/2 a century) and severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and the rest of it in the midwest.

Whether you like or dislike the reasons he attributes this mass of arctic air moving over the US, it did seem to happen. Probably bears watching to see if this becomes a more regular occurrence (like Polar Vortex) or if it just a one off. Anyway time will tell.


dodged the bullet! no damage i can see. i covered what i could. left the alpine strawberries out and they looked good today.


low 60’s here today but more rain and low 50’s coming. no 70’s in the 7 day forecast. ill never get my garden planted!!