How is your weather?


I saw on today’s drought map that a good swath of TN was in D0


Good shot of rain Fri into Sat …although doesn’t look like it will add up to much. Cold front should move through then and drop these temps some. Sitting at 78F. Tomorrow should be even warmer before the front pushes thru.

Severe weather should also come to and end after that cold high pressure dumps down into the Ohio valley early next week. Should be some beautiful weather starting Sunday…


82 today, 85 forecast for tomorrow. My fat, old northern body isn’t used to that kind of warmth.


Have you noticed the smoke up there? I can see it right now…earlier the sky was a nice blue but now its almost hazy… I guess there is over 100,000 acres burning up in Canada…its been burning for a few weeks.

89F here tomorrow. I’d turn the ac on but i think we can escape using it with the rain/colder air coming down.

It’s actually really thick on the sat imagery…

There is a low in S Iowa spinning//pulling that smoke down.


Yup, it’s been hazy here for a couple days. Today was pretty bad. Air quality warnings in NoDak I heard


70’s and a bit more heat, then overcast , now rain, rain rain. Damp spring. Great for the raised bed veg. Gardens but not for the trees. Buying a new sprayer just for Surround and Indar. This rain is bad again as it was last year!


Some plants are loving it, some are rotting away


Judging by my somewhat leaky rain gauge, it looks like we got about 0.9" today. Temps didn’t get above 70, prob because it was so cloudy.

For some odd reason the power went out about 4 this afternoon, and stayed off for a bit over 3 hours. Don’t know why, it wasn’t really stormy or windy today. My guess was a tree tumped over on a line.

I saw the drought map @ltilton was talking about and surprised south KY is in a minor drought. Not here, though!


It was dry enough that a match could have set the front yard on fire in London on Wednesday…that was before showers the past 2 days…so maybe it’s not permanent.
Berea is in better shape, rain wise.

But, it would seem Tennessee, Georgia and probably the whole SouthEast may be in for a dryer than normal spell. (Unless or until tropical systems come along…hurricanes I mean.)

There is more rain in the forecast last half next week, though. Not that you can make plans based on prognostications a week out!


3.25" of rain in the last 72hrs, my lawn looks spectacular :money_mouth_face:, finally a nice day today 80/60


Finally, the rain had stopped. Sunny weather in the low 80s for a while. That mean the weeds will grow a foot in a day!


One day w/o rain, the next day another inch


This is Washington. Dont like the weather? Wait a minute, it will change.

This week lows about 50°F, and highs 73-79°.

Other than the usual leaf problems on my raspberry and some varieties of strawberries, no problem with diseases on any veggies, vines, or trees. They have all greened up, except for the 2 peppers. They look slightly yellowish.

I seen a few slugs, they like to leave happy slime trails in my garden. That is my worst pest, wish they were eliminated. I have holes in some leaves I cannot find any signs of bugs though. The only bugs all over my yard are spiders and baby ladybugs.

The past two days have been rainfree, and mildly warm. You will feel good with or without a sweater on, and can work in the yard a substantial time without being cold or getting heatstroke…in other words ideal gardening weather and I am taking advantage of that!


87 today, 67 tomorrow. Tomorrow is more to my liking


Been raining just about all day here, thought we were just in for some scattered showers, but it’s been steady. Might get another inch today before it’s done.

It figures after we planted out all the tomatoes on Monday, that we get all this rain now, have seen it too many times before. Glad I got them mulched before all this hit, or they’d be a muddy gom now. Guess I won’t be doing any mowing for a few days.


88F at 3pm… still hazy from the smoke. Cold front trying to push into N MN… Cool this morning across Canada…lots of 30Fs and 40Fs…that will feel nice come Sunday morning.


Just head over by the lake! I love Grand Marias in late spring/early summer… be a good place to grow cool season crops.

Not that far as the crow flies…


I used to love Grand Marais. The last time we were there it was just full of people from the Metro. Not my kinda people. The climate is nice in the summer though.


I had a shop teacher in high school that was from there. Any lake wind and the temp drops like a stone.

Pre air conditioning…if i was a rich industrialist in Chicago…i’d have a summer home along the lake Superior…

Frost advisory out for NE corner of MN… should be very nice sleeping weather–40Fs around here the next few nights! Pattern looks great the next week.


got down to 34f last night. no frost though. the one we had earlier in the week burnt 60% of the just opening leaves on my new northrop mulberry but didn’t hurt the small leaves on my adirondack gold apricot or anything else that was leafed out. the lower half of the tree is just starting to leaf out now. hopefully no more frosts until this tree gets climatized here.