How is your weather?


Hoping for hurricane rain, not really expecting any


That’s wild. It’s 65 here… I have never in 28 years seen it 65 here in day time.


After the wettest start to spring/summer…the rain has shut off completely the last month or so. Driest stretch i can remember in some time. Grass is brown…leaves are falling off trees. Around 90F today…average is like 70F ish… Slight cool down this weekend, but ridge comes back next week… Huge trough out west.

GFS puts a cane into N Carolina on day 10/11. something to watch.


we just had a few 80f days but in low 70’s . not going to complain as we should be in the mid 50’s by now. was very dry for us too til’ 8 days ago. we got some good rain. its back to dry again. rivers/ brooks are wicked low! my raspberries producing like mad.


Hot and humid again…


The highest humidity occurred at the lowest temperature and vis-a-vis. At 4:30pm PDT it’s currently 72°.


Its like a heat dome is stuck over the midwest. The rain that looked so likely this morning died out as it got here and gave us enough to wet the pavement. 50Fs and 40Fs across Ontario… 94F here…ugh. I’m ready for 50Fs.

GFS still puts a cane into S Carolina on day 10. Last night it sent it into N Florida. If this thing develops the way the models show…this will be the next big story.

Look at the cold out west. brr…snow out that way in the Rockies.


Brrr. Last weekend 100’s this week below average.


We had plenty of 50s last week - I’d be happy with more


I’d love about 3 months of mid/upper 50Fs for highs… perfect temp this time of year.

GFS/Euro model both send a cane into N Carolina 'ish area day 10.


Yesterday I got a sunburn while being sprinkled on. Today it’s cold and rainy. We have been extremely dry the last several weeks so the rain is a welcome sight. I’m getting tired of picking aronia! I’m hosting another party today so the weather is giving me a great excuse to stay inside.


No rain again last night. Everything just dies as it gets here. Saw lightning. Cooler with NW winds today. Lots of sun. Nice day, but man it is really turning crusty. Couple chances for rain in the 7 day.

Looks like hurricanes Jose and its follower might both be fish storms. It looks like Jose gets stuck under high pressure off the NE coast…and #2 catches up quickly to Jose and flies out to the north atlantic. Hopefully that occurs and that is it for cane season.


Maria appears to be tracking south of Jose.



Today is the start of the first rain for this area in about two months.I have a few stone fruit hanging on trees and am wondering how much water will it take to crack them and how long before being noticeable?They’ve been on mini-sprinkler drip for 45 minutes,every three days. Brady


Summer making a comeback after some cooler weather recently. Ten day forecast says highs in low-mid 80s.

I mowed yesterday for the first time in about three weeks. Normally, waiting that long would mean getting the bush hog out. But, I think the cool weather we’ve had has caused the grass to slow its growth. Maybe about to go dormant? Leaves on the trees have also started to change colors, and some have fallen already.


We got 0.4" here last night. Well needed. It was our first rain in 3 weeks after less than half our normal rainfall for August. Cold front came through and dropped the temperature to more seasonable after the humid and 90 degrees yesterday. Yuck!


Looking ahead…looks like this whole week is WAY above normal…maybe a 90F in there sometime late week//next weekend. Major temp gradient across the north with upper 80Fs here next weekend and low to mid 40Fs!! in SD/ND… front on GFS then blows thru a WEEK from this tues and should see 60Fs at best for high temps. Man it never ends… Trees are going into winter in very poor shape with all this wind/sun/dry air and very little rain.


After 80 days without rain (you read that correctly) some showers started Sunday night about 11 pm. We’ve had some heavy showers day and night for 48 hours - and quite the thunder storm! Yahoo!


How many inches did you get?


Getting the tail end of Jose today.