How is your weather?




52F and rain here… been stuck in the 50Fs for days now. should get sun back for Sun-Tues and a warm up… This non stop rain and clouds is reminding me of November…our cloudiness month…hopefully we get some more sunshine then normal…


been pretty wet here as well. we were 3in. above average in sept.


Send us some. Been weeks with no rain and mid ninety temps…


Rain and cool here, tho it’s supposed to clear up - They Say

I fear the garden will be too muddy again this year for fall tilling


gladly! i hope my garlic doesn’t rot.


Super wet here the last 30 days…finally seeing the sun this morning for the first time in a long time.


If you look at the map, at the SW corner of Ohio, that is the weather we have been getting since the middle to end of July through now.


It’s Raining!!! In Northeast Tennessee… Been breaking records with temps in the 90’s up until yesterday… And no significant rain in ~6 weeks.


Brutal dry down there…

Looking ahead…nice week ahead until the rains return thurs/Fri…next weekend looks COLD…might not get out of the 30Fs sat…sun…extended after that looks not so warm…might be tough getting getting back out of the 50Fs… outdoor tropical plants will be coming inside for good very soon :frowning:


@warmwxrules When was the last year you had a dry fall up there? Was it dry there in 2017?

We have been generally wet here but it seems like that NE IA and SW WI swath has been getting dumped on for 3 or 4 years now.

We were wet here in 2016 and 2018 but I don’t recall what 2017 was like.


Awww…so this is what rain looks like!

I’d almost forgotten, after 3 months.



August and Sept of 2017 were very dry…but…October had over 6 inches of rain. (over 3 inches above norm). November was dry though.

Sept 2016 had 10.5 inches of rain!

I would say the Aug to Nov stretch of 2015 was last dry fall. Looks overall about avg for precip. I would say the trend the past 15 or so years has been wet fall…2007 was when we had epic flooding in August (houses sliding off bluffs)… It is probably some sort of cycle we are in that i’m sure sooner or later breaks the other way and we’ll be begging for raindrops.


We’ve had almost an inch of rain since midnight…

25 minutes later…

over 2 inches now…

4 inches…


Clear blue skies and no wind…temp of 68F and dewpoint of 37F… lock this in for about 6 months. I’m guessing this is like a winter day in Phoenix, AZ or Vegas…

Rain back already for THurs night…friday a washout…Very cool air moves in for Sat/Sun…maybe some snowflakes for someone in this area… 30Fs for lows…maybe frost either Sun/Mon morning …then it does show a nice warm up later next week back into the 60Fs…soo…winter isn’t here yet. October is pretty safe month (for not too cold of temps)… It is November we worry about :slight_smile: Seems like a switch gets flipped in November and fall says goodbye.



rain predicted all week with fairly warm temps in the upper 50’s low 60’s . potato farmers aren’t happy because they can’t dig in mud and the kiddos started back school so they lost a lot of their workers.


72F/42F…very sunny, very windy and very dry.

Not going to last though