How is your weather?


I thought it was windy here…>Omaha is gusting to 54mph…with temps in the low 70Fs…

Rain looking very likely tomorrow here.


Yeah. All my 100 plus potted figs are blown over. Time to put them in the tornado shelter this weekend anyway.


Do you remove all the leaves before doing that? My one big potted fig …a lot of the leaves have turned yellow in the past week. It’s coming in for good on Monday.

Nice day//68F/// but the wind was just ugh…

get ready…the NAEFS is really cold late month/early November… brrr…get those long unders ready… record cold or just cold…who knows…something to watch?


I’m the blue dot… Woohoo!!!


Yeah… I might need to find the snow shovel.

This evening we took a drive up to the top of the city…about a million people up there. The colors still aren’t peaked yet imo.

Looking south…should be Iowa out there in the distance.


I go by how full of leaves are the gutters on the house


Yeah…still a lot of green here in the city.

We had the thickest fog in place yet this morning…didn’t clear until after noon …up on the bluffs it was clear all morning (the fog settles into the river valleys). It did warm for 43F to 64F…so nice blast of warmth.

I buried a bunch of potted plants today. Next week should be our first freeze (friday morn). It does look a little more mild next weekend…so probably not completely game over…but close to game over.


Rain all morning…well over an inch. Downpour right before it quit…then sun came and it was nice…back into clouds… . this storm is a pig… If it was winter we’d be shoveling a lot of snow.

center is near say Albert Lea, MN…right on the Iowa border


thats hitting us weds. supposed too be 1.5in. total for weds-thurs. don’t need that kind of rain this late in the season. good thing its not colder. :wink:


groaning noise gutters. I have to face them this weekend. My sugar maples sort of detonated in about 28 hours. Poof.
Nice this week tho. 60s


Almost 80 here today, and very windy. A front’s coming thru this evening with some rain.

Grass is just about all brown now, with a few green splotches. Most of the trees still have their leaves, but are turning color now, later than usual. Think we had to do our last mowing last week, yay!

Today the ladybugs are doing their annual fall hibernation into the buildings, they are thick around here, and very annoying. We have to keep all the doors and windows shut or they’d be everywhere in the house. They hide in the buildings until March, then they go outside for the warmer months. It’s like this for a few days, then you don’t see them again until spring. Seeing a few stinkbugs and lots of flies too for some reason.


We ended up with 1.56 inches here… really don’t need anymore moisture for about 6 months. River has been high now for weeks again. I really hope it is a quiet snow year…or decade.


its been real wet here already. could do with a drought till’ next may. :wink:


That one gave us just about a tenth of an inch. Even tho the gutters filled right back up with leaves, there wasn’t enough rain to make a mess


I pulled the rain gauge a week ago or so, but if we haven’t got several inches of rain today I’d be surprised. Rain all day, rain all night, rain/snow tomorrow. Crazy wind as well. I am thankful this isn’t snow


Day 2 of the wind. Steady at 25-30 mph, gusts to 50. I’m not a fan of wind…


After days of clouds/rain the sun is out this morning…however…rain coming back this evening and then we -should-- stay dry/sunny right through the weekend…40Fs and 50fs…not bad for this time of year. Friday morning looks like the first good freeze…showing 29F. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some snow next week…very cold shot of air… but it is temporary… looks like mild air works back in after that…


We have had 1.4" since may here at my place. About 11 inches below normal. NWS is predicting 1.5", and i am hoping they are right!!! Send y’alls extra rain down south, we would appreciate it!


Really looking forward to those 70’s and 50’s


96F in Death Valley… 91F in Los Angeles… San Fran was mid 80Fs… summer just getting going out there? Had a nice day here…53F and sunshine until the clouds moved in later in the day. Rain to the south.

Cut down all my remaining raspberry canes…they were mostly picked over at this point…a few remaining ripe berries…they seem to hang a lot longer in this cool weather.