How is your weather?


I’m the opposite on the burning smell. I like to open the windows, and the smoke smell prohibits me from doing so!


First snow of the season last night here, a good couple inches on non paved surfaces. The least snow was April 27th so from 4/27 to 10/28 is only 185 days.

Both unusually late, and early snow. I wonder what the record is for this area for shortest times between least and first snow.

#5426’s never nice when its blowing in the windows…although a proper burning wood stove with dry wood should hardly give off any smoke. Some guys though will burn anything. A buddy back in high school …his dad would throw wet wood right into their wood furnace (that heated water)… that thick would smoke like a steam engine.

Nice day…mid 40fs and lots of sunshine again.


Mandatory evacuations!

Mike Bettes :heavy_check_mark: @mikebettes

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The Santa Ana winds turn extreme tonight and the fire danger goes way up across Northern and Southern #California. We’ll have live coverage from The Golden State and speak live with Governor #GavinNewsom on #WUTV 5-8pm ET.


I’m right in one of those red flag warning zones. AGAIN! :unamused:


stay safe! praying for you guys.



19 tonight. Highs in the 20s next week. Seems a bit early for those temps.


Snow on the ground here this morn


We’re going 60’s and 40’s in N Florida. That’s pretty low here for Nov 1st as well. Nice cold front dropping. I hope it stays here…


We had a fall day yesterday. Few…we went from summer to winter it seems.


in the mid 50’s and showers. very warm for this time of year but forecasted to cool off big time next week.



76F today! Loving it!


-10.5F last nite with snow. The snow is over now and it is very sunny, but the cold temps are lingering for another day or so; highs today +15F


Record snowfall for the date + again tomorrow


Missed out on all of it here. It has been clouds and 30Fs all day though. I ripped out my last plants yesterday because everything is done here. My sweet cherry is shedding its leaves…they don’t really change color…they just fall off. Monday night into Tues looks wet but temps look too warm for snow…maybe a mix or just a cold rain… late next week the model drops a massive cold high pressure into the plains…could see some snow out ahead of the cold…it’s going to feel like winter when that moves thru.


Was just reading Denver set another record cold temp…amazing for Oct…


One final record is expected Thursday morning when the combination of clear skies, mainly light winds, and snow on the ground allows temperatures to plunge below zero along the Front Range. If the temperature manages to drop below -2° early Thursday, the all-time record low for October in Denver will be broken. That record was set on October 29, 1917.

One other insane ob this… Old Faithful weather station in Yellowstone registered -27F this morning. Yikes.


Wow thats crazy! Your cold is blowing into our prairie and tonight here in central kansas we are predicted to get 16, crazy for october!!!

But my strawberry patch is ready for production next summer!!


global warming my butt! with the way this weather is going in the winter, it seems to be getting colder across the northern tier of the country at least.