How is your weather?


On and off snow showers today through tomorrow. 1-3 inches predicted but I think we might see a bit more than that. Drier seasonable weather on the horizon.


-17 tonight. Last night that cold for at least 10 days according to the forecast.


What a neat site!


I didn’t realize they were still around. I remember they had bet the farm on flash-based maps from Mapquest, and then they had to fold their forecasting when Mapquest switched.


Yeah…forecast is showing sun and much more mild weather ahead…a mini heatwave… I don’t see any snow for the next 10 days…so what we have now should probably melt away… Looks like the cold stays out west thru the rest of the month.


Huge drop from yesterday to today…went from feeling like over 80 to the low 40’s,supposed to drop to the upper 30’s tonight…that’s cold down here.


We had 35 here last night. Wind is blowing pretty good right now and looking at 32 or maybe below tonight. Just a few day thing right now though. I wish it would stay a month or so.


X2 this is the kind of weather I enjoy in the winter…


Dropped from 30F yesterday to -2F this morning… should be it though… Clouds already moving in after some morning sunshine.


S Florida heat shield holding strong this morning…even New Orleans was in the 30Fs…also some chilly temps across S California… Key West/Miami both holding 70F or better overnight… -30Fs across Ontario this morning… I noticed a lot of ice fishing around here the last few days…


Supposed to have been about 34 today…but if it has been above freezing today, then it was right after midnight! Colder than forecast.


Kinda chilly last nite -the heater on the sunporch kicked on - I have it set at 40.

The lemons and limes are ripe now, I should pick them.


Fairbanks, AK… HIGH temp Fri -26F …Sat -27F …Sun -25F… yikes.although nothing out of the norm up there…



Allegedly in the mid 30s for highs tomorrow and Sunday. Darn near shorts weather


-33F right now in Fairbanks… I got 39F here… They can keep it for the rest of the winter :slight_smile: Had a little sunshine earlier but mostly clouds now. Looks mild right thru the first week of Jan…


I remember those days when I lived back east!
Now, under 50° I shiver uncontrollably.


50, sunny, no wind, and I’d be sweating big time while I worked outside right now. A person adapts I guess


I was outside with no jacket today. It all depends on if you are sitting or moving on top of if there is sun and wind… . I was sweating when we went out ice fishing when it was below 0F…we had to walk about a mile to get out there and in big winter boots…its a hike.

Very dry and very mild holiday this year…i’ll take it.

I’ve noticed a lot of outdoor Youtube guys who camp in all 4 seasons prefer winter …none of them seem to like summer for camping. I don’t mind summer because i run the AC nonstop…but if i had no AC i’d probably hate summer.


64° for yesterday’s high. Interesting footnote - our winter lows to this point have only bottomed briefly to 31°. On the west coast, our coldest time of the year historically is within 2 weeks of the solstice. The next 10 day forecast is showing no real strong cool downs. So, in theory a 10A winter is still within reach! :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: keeping in the “growing fruit” spirit - the bananas still have full green leaves with no frost burn, and the habaneros are still hanging on. And finally, strawberries are still putting out about “one” berry a week lol.