How is your weather?


Is this our January Thaw?


45f today and 50F tomorrow… I’m going to wash the car… Be interesting to see if we lose are snow cover with 5 days straight of 40F or better… Tough to do with such short days and low sun angle… maybe…


only about 4-6in. left from all the snow we got in nov. till mid dec. been dry and sunny with below average temps but no severe -0f cold recently.


We were down in southern MN yesterday. Car thermometer said 45 there. 34 was the high here. There’s barely any snow down around Owatonna, maybe 4-5". We still have 15"+ on the ground. I’m sure up by Ely they’d figure my temp and snow level would be nothing. Funny the difference 3 hours north or south can make.


same here. Bangor is 3 hrs south of me. some years they have nothing and we’re buried. sometimes its the other way around. this year we are the only ones with snow left and it isn’t much. hope we get some more before the real cold hits us or i may see some cold damage on my bushes that aren’t that hardy like my goumi. deep snow is the only reason i can push my zones with some things.


Some people we are dog watching for are up in Duluth…lots of snow on the ground there (had pics yesterday).

The streets are all wet here today…almost like it rained but its sunny warm and windy…frost must be coming back out of the ground. About a million guys out ice fishing when i crossed the channel of the river near my house.

Took my house plants outside today and sprayed them with the hose. A few of them were very dry. Forget how much evaporation takes place inside during the winter in this bone dry air.


Duluth got nailed big time a few weeks ago. Wind was pushing rocks bigger than basketballs up on shore. I think they got close to 2’ of snow in that storm, we got around 14"


Our coldest avg are a month off the solstice…same in the summer…so Jan 20th you can usually expect on avg the coldest temps of the year…same with mid/late July.

Washed the car in a tshirt… on the solstice… its funny there is a plumeria sitting outside next to a frozen bucket of ice…sunning. I always like to let my plants get a little fresh air in winter. I’m sure we’ll pay for this warmth.


Jinxed us, you did!!


lows 30’s and misting today. went ice fishing. got 12 doz. rainbow smelt and 4 splake. 14in. of ice. pickups driving everywhere. felt good to be out. my buddy got his deer so we had backstraps and fried potatoes for lunch.


Making Maine sound good there!


Those were always my favorite cuts of a whitetail. Just can’t overcook them. Have no idea what a rainbow smelt is? Like a trout? My favorite has always been sunfish and then probably walleye. I’m sure there are about 10,000,000 guys out on the lake today/tomorrow. Low 40Fs… overcast… We should rack up 7 days of 40F+ temps … snow is more or less gone around here except for little piles.

Interesting…the GFS shows about an inch and a half of liquid next Sat/Sun… something to watch.


rainbow smelt is the primary bait fish in our lakes. they are also one of the most beautiful. they run in schools numbering in the thousands! they average about 6in. rolled in flour and fried till crispy in butter will put most panfish to shame. very sweet rich flavor. one of the highest in omegas of all fish. they are one of the reasons salmon are so healthy eating. they are their primary forage. there are landlocked and searun smelts. we jig them on the same gear we jig panfish. chartreuse swedish hali jigs work best. they are the reason for the shanty towns on our lakes around here. limit is 2qts. per person. not unusual to hook into a salmon while fishing for them. my wife got a nice 4lber in my shack last new years day. didn’t think we would be able to land it on that u.light rod! we fried it up right in the shack!


rain and more rain = flooding on some areas in PNW


Ouch. I hope everyone is ok.

From The Weather Channel Android App:


Mmmm! Breaded smelt and beer = grease and carbs. That’s nutrition! Buy a platter at your favorite country tavern. Keeps you going until Ground Hog Day when you have to start hitting the sassafras root to thin your blood for Spring.


no beer. just good fresh eating. barely any carbs as we are using very little flour. do your science. smelts are more healthy than even fresh salmon! don’t need to live in a city to eat good. jealous?


Never had that…i like smoked salmon. I’ve had trout (rainbow/brown/brook)… they are ok…nothing i’d eat everyday. I tried lake trout out of L Superior…thought it was really oily. Halibut, tuna, cod, mahi mahi… all good.

I know guys who will eat catfish out of the river…nope… i rarely eat anything out of this river --they do dump the sewage into the Mississippi up and down the river…most of it treated, but i’ll pass.

only 41F here…thought we’d get warmer… clouds again. 69F in St Louis…lots of warmth to the south…like spring down there.


At 67 degrees, first day I’ve just had one t-shirt on while outdoors since first three days of OCTOBER!

Reminds me of 1966 or 1967 …. I was pre-teen…and recall my mom killing a copperhead crossing the sidewalk the day after Christmas.


smaller lake trout are really good. even better than the native salmon. they get oily over 4lbs. i throw back the breeders and keep a few smalll ones. i do prefer seafood. fresh day old scallops fried lightly with a little butter, salt/ pepper is one of my faves.