How is your weather?


No signs of an early spring here


Brownsburg VA 6b, some warming in store for us, after we get through snow showers today



Looks like a mild stretch and another dump of chilly (but not as cold as this) later in the month… long range who knows. The lenghtening days always helps but March and even April can really turn back into winter at anytime. I do wonder if subzero temps are done here now… maybe we make a run at it late month…we’ll have to see how much snow melts too… I think it’ll be pretty sloppy this weekend.

Temp bouncing around this morning but coldest so far is -14F… Feels so cold out there. It will feel like spring by Sat/Sun with temps in the 40Fs…


I left my chicago hardy plum outdoors. Supposed to be ok to -10, but it sure looks bad


That would feel like spring. I’ll be happy with anything above freezing. I don’t think we’ll lose much, if any snow. Over night temps in the teens take a long time to overcome. It may hit 36 here, but it will be for an hour or two at the very most.


Yeah the snowpack will have to warm some…hopefully we get a lot of sun today and tomorrow to get things moving. Even yesterday afternoon i noticed some melting and that was mid teens.

Look at Black River Falls… -30F and climbing to zero already… they should be above 40F this weekend…



where i live is extremely hot for the season - unusually hot main course recipes. do you think that all recent amazon/ brazil/ australia’s bushfires have something to do with the unusually hot weather for this season?


Will start my growing season fertilizing this weekend. Winter is over, here in the West Coast.


Envious, without a doubt :sunny:


by time it gets that warm here everything has already leafed out and bloomed. honey berries would be ripening.


Yeah, we too are seeing the citrus start to flush. And the Avocados’ are starting to swell. Meanwhile the Poms leafed out back in late Jan.


The long term global affect would be warming, although I doubt it would have much affect on temps this winter.

Neil Lareau, a professor at the University of Nevada, shared a link to a 1991 study in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres showing that biomass fires can significantly reduce daytime surface temperatures by 1.5° to 7°C under the smoke. More recently, a 2014 study found that wildfires in Russia reduced the amount of incoming solar radiation at the ground over much of Eastern Europe because of the smoke plume. This also resulted in cooler temperatures. A 2019 study in Canada found similar results as well as a reduction in exchanges in heat and moisture between the surface and the atmosphere (fluxes). These studies also remind us of an important and basic meteorological fact. The smoke and haze causes cooling at the surface


Snow blew through just south of me around noon…(Flurries actually)….and at 11 p.m. is now snowing at Wilmington, and maybe on Myrtle Beach. ?

Added at 6 a.m. it is now 17. So much for plans for today.

(Next week looks just as dismal…rain…then below freezing balance of week.)
Feb. is definitely colder than January.


Forecast was a low of 30. It always seems to be a few degrees lower than my local forecast on my property. I guess I won’t have to manually thin out my early blooming pears(Southern Bartlett and Meadows)! 27F and still dropping.



cold rainy and raw before we start to warm up by Sunday…you can see a 17 degree drop between today and yesterday…


3 out of the next 10 days have highs above freezing. I guess that’s better than none


Winds are blowing hard out of the south…temp has climbed 32F from 5F earlier… Should be near 40F today…mid 40Fs this weekend… Hopefully we get the melt going strong. Get rid of some of this snowpack.


I was in panic mode 3 weeks ago when half the plums were starting to bud out. Somehow the wild plum genes won and they have not yet flowered. I think I should at least get a few edible hybrid plums this year. Spring seems to be here. We only had two weeks of Winter. It is probably time to stock the bird feeders. Several dogwoods in my neighborhood are in full bloom, and I saw a few redbuds starting to flower yesterday.


Leap day looks very cold for the east half of the country… Piece of the polar vortex looks to get pulled down over the area… should drop some chill deep into the south…


It’s looking like lows in the mid-high 40’s later this week in my location.