How is your weather?


Well stated Chikn! Unfortunately there are an awful lot of things here we cant control–weather and mother nature are number 1, possibly followed by getting older (the old gray mare, she aint what she used to be), the stock market, the incessant urge to get more plants, and the list just goes on and on.


Severe thunderstorm watch with moderate chances of hail, straight line winds, flooding and tornado (per NWS and all local news stations). Translation: 0.2" if we are lucky. I’m done with the new, warn for everything just incase, NWS. I understand they want everyone to be aware, just wish there was a better way to guage the risk without crying “the sky is falling” when in fact, it’s more likely to NOT rain than any of the things they warn against. /rant over/ /need rain/ /not hail/


As of last Saturday, Accuweather and others were calling for 7 or 8 inches of rain this week.
Instead we got an inch or so…and Tennessee got at least one storm that produced multiple tornadoes. And it was 62 Tuesday dropping into low 30’s. Sunny, windy, and still chilly. No more rain expected this week. Boy, how “dependable” forecasts are past 36 hours!


Back to chilly in the 50’s. High 50’s but last week it was up to 76 degrees. Perfect flu weather, even though we’re all on the look out for Coronavirus. Sounds like its hard to tell the difference!


Should be some very warm days in the mid section of the country right thru mid month… Record heat maybe in some areas? Denver to Omaha… Cold stays bottled up in Alaska…


Pretty much “average” around here


About average here to… cool 1 day, hot a couple of days then rain for a week and then it all starts over again🤔


Give it time…those numbers are going to crank up… you’ll probably be mowing the lawn by the end of the month :sunny:


Wait! People stop mowing the lawn some months of the year? lol


yep! when its under 7ft. of snow. :wink:


:grin: I remember well!! lol. At least we are into March, and the sun will have it’s say. Everyday that sun angle edges up a little and winter will recede.


its amazing how fast it all goes in as little as 2-3 weeks once it really warms.


We don’t have the snow melt, but we can sure feel the intensity. You can see just how much higher the sun angle is now compared to the winter equinox. Almost 20° higher!


Oh man…mowing gets old up here…trust me… With all the rain we’ve had the past few years…basically every week i think i was out there mowing from late spring until fall… i think i’d rather have sand and cactus :slight_smile:


My buddy who had a small heated greenhouse on the east side of the state…had various subtropical plants… he said around mid Feb everything would just start waking up…even with keeping it warm…in the depth of winter he saw very little growth…part of that is probably all the cloudiness we get in late fall/early winter.

65F here Sunday! People are going to be outside like crazy…i already saw quite a few people in shorts this past weekend walking/jogging…



Not gonna happen. I’ve had years here when I couldn’t get a shovel in the ground to plant evergreen seedlings in early May. Never mown lawn here earlier than around Memorial Day


I’m not surprised. Yeah, I was half joking regarding the mowing. I’ve noticed the same thing. Even though our winter daytime highs are well warm enough to grow new grass, things slow to a crawl (never stop). It’s only the second half of January with the slightly longer days is when things start to really move. This is a photo from a local hiking trail from mid January. You can see how all the wild grasses have started to go nuts!


Looking around…basically all areas exposed to sun have no snow now…except for piles from plows… Should lose about all of it over the weekend. River should really start coming up too.

41F with sun…

I give this winter a solid B … not that cold, snow was very spread out so got breaks… Worst part was probably the cloudy stretches but lately we made up for that.


70F in Omaha…

74F in Rapid City…

mid 50Fs around here… some high clouds now too… tomorrow hopefully should add 10F to that… cooler then for next week.


44 here right now. I’ll take it