How is your weather?


If USDA APHIS had introduced a predator (typically a tiny wasp) for the Ash Borer, it would have made regional news.


Wondering when our first frost is lately to hit, being now a week past the average first

Accuweather is suggesting 10/28


We are expecting mid 30s for lows next week, mabye fall is finally going to arrive


Accuweather is a joke out here.


I’ve always noticed that the 1st week of November seems to be when the real change happens,…when we can jump from almost summer to winter and never look back…although last November was insanely mild and i hardly ran the furnace.

The GFS did suggest a cold shot around that Nov 1st but the more recent runs have backed off of that and show 60Fs that first week of Nov…so who knows.

I don’t look forward to winter, but man…the warm seasons lately have been sooooo long it seems. Even up here, we’ve been mild since about early April and its almost November… last winter outside of some ice storms, it really was nothing to complain about. Mild///not much snow.


From the Chicago Tribune:


I’ve been cutting ash trees on our of our property lines to allow red oaks and sugar maples to grow & thrive more. Our property is absolutely full of ash but our new home will not have wood burning heat sources. I guess that I could make some money by allowing more to be harvested but much of our wooded area was thinned out about 6 years ago. We still have many ash trees & I really dislike them (last to get leaves & first to lose them). I am aware of the Emerald Ash Borer supposedly heading our way sooner or later.


That’s warmer and wetter

Which should mean more snow. Last couple of winters, the snow blower just sat idle in the garage


They were the only ones suggesting freeze


Perfect place for a snow blower!!!


Sunny and beautiful here today, almost 80. About to get out there and do some mowing. Hopefully, it’ll be the last time for that chore this year!


12z GFS shows winter is lurking. Very cold looking run. The run also looks…i hate saying it… snowy?


Here’s our Garden Prince’s fall foliage. :slight_smile:

Garden Prince Fall Foliage


It is not ALLOWED to snow until the leaves are down and picked up


Map please?!!?


In the 60-70’s for at least another week here. Nice fall. Leaves still on trees. :grinning:


85°F here with humidity in the teens and dew point about 40°F.


Seasonably chilly and drizzly now that the cold front is through -typical November with a chance of non-sticking snow


This is it for the growing season. Friday will be 45 degree during the day and 37 degree at night. The figs and pawpaws leaves are turning yellow.



Same here for figs. It seems fall is finally coming to the midwest