How is your weather?


I should have started my peppers 2 weeks earlier. Tiny little things now, next to the big tomato plants.


Peppers take a while to get going. I think my potting soil is garbage for starting tomatoes. I use to use those peat pellets and they always did great.

Planted out my artichokes and celery. The artichokes hadn’t been repotted and the root was probably a foot long when it came out of the little pot. I really should have repotted them over a month ago.

My first blooms were today. One of the apricots.

66F …sun and clouds. Nice day with very little wind. Looking ahead…wet early in the week and maybe a shot at some real heat late in the week/next weekend. Probably 70Fs or even an 80F.


I got some apricot blooms but don’t see any bees.

Dunno where the mason bees are. They opened up their tubes, but I haven’t seen them come out. Even on the few warm and sunny days - no bees.


Mid to high 80’s for the next 5 days or so. Not looking forward to working from home next week.

Veggies are loving it. Trees are growing, should have a nice nectarine crop for the first time. No figlets yet though…


We hit 90 ° here in NorCal can’t imagine how hot it got in the desert.


Death Valley was 102F when i looked and Palm Springs hit 100F. I think that is the 1st time for both this year… Scratch that…Death Valley has been 100F the last 3 days… 104F yesterday and they are starting off the morning warmer …82F for the overnight low…awesome.


55F and sun here already this morning. Should be a gorgeous day…at least the 1st half…rain maybe later.


Lookslike the threat of frost has abated for this overnite

Which is just as well as I now have stuff in bloom


been dry and sunny with temps in the mid 40’s. most of the snow is gone except snowbanks. rhubarb is up and currants and honey berries starting to leaf out. chics and ducks pumping out eggs. got my 1st goose egg. nearly 2xs the size of a duck egg which is nearly 2xs a big chic egg. 1 egg meal!


Still in the low 60Fs here… Hit 71F today… just gorgeous. I had all my plants outside. Trying to be careful so i don’t burn them to a crisp. Had some on and off rain drops this evening.

Getting some fresh air…
Goldfish plant …something like that.



The past month even the house plants have started putting on lots of new growth…i just can’t put them in direct sun…they’ll spend the summer outside…although last year my green tea really didn’t care for the heat/humidity. My bird of paradise i’m hoping blooms. That has really nice leaves right now and did great this winter.


Sitting at 48F… with strong north winds…had a nice run of 60Fs and 70Fs and today not so much. Nice warm up in store for late week…with 70F coming back Fri/Sta… Did get a little rain here yesterday…just enough to green everything up good. The trees are mostly starting to push leaves now…some more then others. Should be full on summer leaf out in another week.

Extended shows no warmth love for the eastern half the country for the second week of May…


Yeah, I’ve been patiently waiting for things to warm up. At least as we go forward, it’s a warmer average to be below!


been dry and fairly warm . upper 40’s low 50’s and alot of drying wind. will be nice to get the rain thats coming fri …one last 3ft. snowbank left behind the garage. dogs been rolling in it to cool off.


May Grey has hit San Diego a little early. After almost a week of mid- to high-80s, we’re back to more seasonable weather, but today and yesterday were quite overcast through the morning.


Wonder how they adjust for the 4 inches we got since noon today?!!


Looks like we’ll end up with a dry April up here…about 50% of normal for the month. I’m hoping the dry trend continues right thru summer.


Been dry here all month but raining all week now to make up for it.


That wind today was no fun.

Noticing up in Southern Alaska its been mid 50Fs there the past few days…with the extended staying about the same. Days are long… Anchorage sunset is at 10 pm right now…


69F this afternoon with a slight north wind. Planted some beans…need to get some other stuff in the ground. Looks like a fantastic weekend coming up with temps in the mid 70Fs… Should cool off by next Monday back into the 50Fs…so i’m still waiting to plant the ginger out…soon.


Will plant beans as soon as the mud dries out a bit.


65, sunny, and winds under 5 mph. I sprayed dormant oil and copper this a.m. Felt like summer to me. Actually, it’s way too warm for this time of year. There’s a legit 2 weeks until average last frost date.