How is your weather?




ECMWF seasonal highlights

La Niña arrives

IOD conditions develop

Atlantic tropics predicted to be more active than last year

Hot summer + warm fall U.S.

Wetter / more humid eastern U.S.

Eq. Pacific drought

Dry western Europe

Wet Australia


Florida is on fire…


Most likely most will die :skull: at some point in the next 100 years.

NWS La Crosse mentioned that they went thru over 100 years of data and couldn’t find any system that has come up into the upper midwest like this…so this thing is one of a kind, at least in modern times.

I think frost is likely in the cold parts of Wisconsin late next week/weekend. Black RIver Falls/Sparta will be down into the 30Fs no problemo if the GFS is right. I might be dragging/covering a few plants late next week if the low/mid 40Fs pan out.


Bob, we got 2.7 inches at Somerset. Too wet is better than too dry when you have a lot of containerized plants like I do. And a hillside mini orchard. So, I’m glad to see the rain.
Too much earlier…but a sudden turn off of the spigot, not what I pray for.


wish we still had a pond


We just had about our 5th rain shower today…nothing has been too heavy but it all adds up & the last one was the best of the day.:slightly_smiling_face:


I ended up putting a few potted celery plants directly in the shallow end of my pond. They seem to be doing fine submerged about halfway.

Filled a garbage can full of creeping charlie today. Mowed again. Going to be mowing a week from now for sure.

The amount of rain coming is too much…going to be localized flooding if this comes to pass…and late week is going to feel like October.


got nearly 3/4 of a inch today. we really needed it. was nearly steady all day. a good soaking rain. everything is so green now.


We got an inch less than you, way more than I expected, but it has dried pretty fast. It wasn’t too mushy in the garden plot to sow seed potatoes this evening. It was mucho humid this morning and afternoon, and I was outside most of the day, so I got disgustingly filthy. I just got out of the shower, feel a whole lot better. Now need a late supper. Supposed to hit the 90s Mon and Tue, so I guess I’m glad we got the rain. The moist soil and heat ought to coax those seeds we sowed Thu out of the ground.


We had .07 inch before sunrise yesterday. I’ve started watering the gardens and hauling water to the nursery bed for the new grafts. Everything just keeps missing us.


Looks like some coolish moist weather over the next week or so. Time to get the apple trees sprayed!


Still showing around 3 inches of rain. It does look to move thru quickly so that should help some.

NWS la crosse…even says it doesn’t look anything like June…
Tuesday night or Wednesday as the remnants of the tropical storm actually deepen just to our north, favoring a very tight gradient while 925-850mb winds crank to 40-50+ knots. Needless to say, this doesn`t resemble June whatsoever (more like October/November) so will have to watch just how the wind potential evolves over the coming day or two.


Might not see something like this for a long time.


Brrrr ! We were down to 38.8F last night. Tomatoes and Peppers aren’t going to be happy with that.


We were close to another 5 inches in the previous 24 hours…cloudy today but starting to dry out a bit…

This is what the creek looked like, must have come up 3 or 4 feet…you could have easily floated a small boat in it…


Snowing this morning in areas of the west…

Outer bands of Cristobal look to have made it into Illinois this morning…should creep north during the day.
Flood watch out

Weds is going to be really windy too… could see gusts of 50mph… with the wet ground probably see trees fall over.


Cristobal as it move inland and now continues to dump heavy rain across Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas…


That looks like well formed hurricane over land.



The good news is that the last 2 runs of the GFS have cut rain totals a lot… now showing just over an inch (vs 3+)…so wind might be the bigger issue. Also the cold air gets squashed…much warmer 850 temps the last few runs so some cool overnight temps (50F ish) but not cold enough to worry about any plants.