How is your weather?


Looks like the cold really starts to build into parts of Canada by 2nd week or so of November… Summer holds out in the SE…


50 miles winds blowing at my place for the last few days. Old man Winter is knocking at my door.



Big cold front came through today into DFW. With wind chill it feels like 40. Spotted some tiny hail, too, I’m pretty sure.


What is DFW?


Dallas/Fort Worth Texas


Not to horn in, but it’s an acronym for Dallas-Fort Worth. I lived there for 30 years, the metro area is called the Metroplex.


I biked up the bluff today (its a mtn biking trail that people hike, but luckily no one was on it)…i had 38F in the van at the bottom and rain and up on top there were flakes. The elevation gain is only about 500ft, but still gets the heart racing going up. GPS shows only 24mph on the way down for top speed, but the trail was wet and probably slick (i didn’t test it).


Nice bike. I’m looking for a bike like that to ride around here on our hills. What kind is it? How many gears?


Had an inch of snow here today, but it didn’t stay. Was pretty, sticking to the red oak and maple leaves. It was also our first killing frost at home here, although we had one a while back at my rural orchard.


Went from the 60’s Thursday to hard freeze last night. I don’t know how low it has to be for y’all to call it a hard freeze but we hadn’t even had a frost yet and it was 28 on my hill early this morning. I’ve read long range forecasts that say we should be warmer than usual this winter but I’m not taking the bet on that. My horses haven’t even wintered up yet but I’m thinking they better!


Frosty morning here in Kansas. The wind finally stopped blowing yesterday. I think the temp was in the 30 degree range. Most everything got froze yesterday.


Same here in Omaha. Last night We got a taste of Winter and real hard frost. The leaves will be flying everywhere in the next few weeks.



Love your landscape


We’ll get that tonight, tho there were one or two snowflakes this morn


Its a Santa Cruz heckler frame (came with rear shock) from maybe 6 or 7 years ago? They had a end of the season frame clearance so i bought the frame and then built it up from there…bought the front shock i think off amazon…and the shifters/brakes off ebay or jenson… the wheels are some cheapish bike nashbar set but i really like them. I try to stick with mid level components… Bikes are pretty easy to build/ work on. I think i have 30 gears but that is way overkill and the trend today is 1x (1 ring up front and 10 or 11 in back)… i do recommend hydraulic discs… mine is a 26 (wheels) but it seems like 27.5 and 29ers are all the rage now.

Watch ebay/CL and slickdeals…buying used can save a lot of money…especially if someone is hard up for cash. I highly recommend a full suspension if you are going to hit trails…they are just so much smoother…even biking around town that rear shock really cushions the ride…although the trade off is more weight.

35F this afternoon…brought my pumpkins inside…


Nice 70 degree fall day. Did some yard clean up. Thunderstorm tomorrow, 3+ inches of rain.


upper 50’s and sunny today. i heeled in, for the winter, all my cuttings that took , hopefully 3 or 4 survive so i can start my native blackberry bed next spring. been looking for a z 3 hardy blackberry for ages. they aren’t much bigger than a wild raspberry but the plant puts out a lot of them and they’re pretty tasty! only a very small thorn every 10in or so and none on the branches. sent a bunch to Ken at oikios. he may be propagating them for sale on his website if he likes them. would be neat to see! I’m just glad to finally have a blackberry to grow here!


So far, so good with my Nelson blackberries at the border of zones 3/4. The only problem was that we left on vacation just as they were starting to ripen. The few I tasted were good. I haven’t given them any winter protection, but we haven’t had any test winters since I planted them. They do have thorns and are about the size of a red raspberry.


FINALLY turned off my air conditioning today. Hopefully we won’t need it in the coming months. :slight_smile:


thats good to hear. i was going to order some nelsons but the ones i found wild are nearly thornless and are of the same size you describe. they have beautiful red canes also. when i first saw them earlier this summer i thought they were black raspberries. can’t wait to see how these perform in cultivation. they were competing in heavy grass and still had a lot of great tasting berries. should be even better when grown without the competition!