How is your weather?


A stiff SE breeze today kept it in the 60s today. A chance of steady rain tomorrow…then a few days of comfortable 70ish weather…summer hits around next Tuesday…80s/60s highs & lows after that.


Finally! 1/2" of rain last night. Things seem to have perked up.


heavy rain and thunderstorms last night. i can nearly hear everything growing out there. :wink:


summer is officially here…the feel like is only 105…do anything physical outside during the day and you’re drenched in 5 minutes…evenings are muggy but tolerable…on the plus side we have’t had any more rain and things are drying out a bit…


Apparently this is about the weather a couple of years ago.

I had 20 trees in my backyard. I felt I had to destroy Golden Russet after it died last summer with a load of fruit. Wolf River has not yet leafed out fully this year.

The rest of my trees are setting fruit.

Authorities I have consulted are blaming the Polar Vortex of Jan 2019 two years ago for latent damage to the B9 rootstocks of these two trees. Wolf River did bear a little last year, so I’m skeptical of this explanation.

I have decided to submit this for discussion by practical orchardists here in hopes that you all will confirm or deny this diagnosis.


May be vole girdling.


Low 90s through the weekend…no sign of rain until at least a week from Saturday. Maine is becoming a desert!


yeah its getting pretty bad. we got 3/4in. the beg. of last week but was dry for a month before that. I’m watering everything every other day. at least the fungal issues are being dealt with naturally but I’m starting to see heavy bug damage. time to spray!


Getting dry enough to notice, but nothing hurting yet for moisture here in S.Central Kentucky.

But, speaking of weather…unusual weather…we are supposed
to be getting THUNDERSTORMS out of the North-East from the low pressure that soaked Virginia the past few days…

Thunderstorms from the NE happen maybe once every 5 years over the past 60…and usually in month of August.

Strange pattern.


Unusually cool for June compared to last summers heat wave. When it rains it is a tropical downpour with incredible lightning ! Very dramatic !


Went from record-wet May to bone-dry June. I water a bed, come around the next day, and no sign of it.

The cherries certainly aren’t cracking like they did last year!


Confirmation of vole damage would require excavating the rootstock. I don’t want to do that because, as it happens, the tree is starting to leaf out now. I’ve not seen such a thing with this tree or any others. The blossoms were tiny and late but came on long before any leaf buds broke. I’m thinking now that the tree didn’t accumulate chilling hours properly, but that’s peculiar. Can trees get too cold too quickly?


Does the thunder have a French accent??


Actually it is very loud and always close by or over head. Sounds like gigantic dragons stomping through the town.


temps predicted to hit 95f today. supposed to break the old record of 90f going back to 1958. these temps are rarely seen here esp. in june. like you southern folks hunker in place during a snowstorm, we do the same here when it goes over 85f. glad i bought a new A/C last summer. its earning its keep this week. looks like we’re in for a hot dry summer. if its started off like this it most likely will get hotter and drier if thats even possible. sadly, many poor people can’t afford A/C here. when i was young we used to spend the hot days in the lake at my grandparents camp. great memories made there.


The wind hasn’t helped that. It has dried it out good up here. Last good rain was with that tropical depression…since then its been sun sun and wind with temps mainly in the 80Fs. Should get humid today and 90F… Rain off to the west but i doubt that gets in here until tonite/tomorrow. Best shot of good rain is Monday.

I have found zero brown rot on my sweet cherries (Lapins) …which is a first. i don’t spray them. The birds have taken 50% or more them. I need to cover my blueberries which are rapidly sizing up. Black raspberries have started turning red…i need to spray those for swd.


well its 93 right now so we broke the record by 3 deg. supposed to hit 95 tom and no wind! ouch! my honey berries and rhubarb aren’t liking it but holding up. i gave everything a good soak last night.


We hit 85.5F today, I spent most of the day in the nursery bed weeding the oldest section. While I was weeding I was watering the rows of new grafts. Ended up hauling 400 gallons of water and getting just 2.5 rows watered. Since 6/1 we’ve had 3/4" of rain and we were 2" short for the month of May. Hope we have some rain coming soon. Getting tired of watering the gardens daily and still not keeping up.


Haven’t ever hear dragons in town…but sounds intriguing.


They’re around!