How is your weather?


Strong winds tonight starting about 6pm. Basically a Nor’Easter is blowing through. Right on schedule for this time of year. Ugh. Going to the grocery store.


Noticed a few things look melted this morning. Airport showed 30F…most stuff still looks fine. Cold/clouds and 43F. A little sunshine this afternoon, but its been hard to come by the last week.


We had our killing frost this morning. I had 20 in my yard this morning and I think the official at the airport in Iowa City was 23. The leaves are really coming down this afternoon.

I got my yard mowed the and the mower and weed whacker put away. Always a welcome sight to not have to look at the mower for 5+ months.


Don’t forget to blow out all sprinklers and unhook all garden hoses to prevent water pipes brokerage.



It was drier than I’ve even seen here in Oct after very wet months into Aug and very little after. I was concerned about having to deal with dry ground during the planting season, but a real northeaster is blowing through and we are getting enough rain to soak deep. Maybe even more than we needed. Full speed ahead. Time to start planting anything that’s already started dropping leaves.


We took advantage of the cooler weather (high 60’s) today and walked around the San Diego Zoo.


Tonite should do it here. Still a lot of green in the yard, but i think everything will be melted by morning. 34F this afternoon and clouds again…cloudy day after cloudy day…reminds me of December.


There are still a few snowmen about town from last week’s snow.


The Nor’Easter is finally gone. The winds really blew over my Caville Blanc! Staking it tomorrow. Gusts up to 50 mph here. Not pretty. Nature’s pruning!


A little cool today but this weekend it will be back up to 80.


Still no freeze

Record latest first freeze here is 10/28


Cold (~42°) and rainy right now, a good day to stay in. We had a hard freeze Monday morning, about 30°, so our plants are done. It is supposed to warm up later this week, but be a bit rainy, too.

I was mildly surprised to see that all our strawberry plants are still green. I know they may have to be covered with straw or mulch when it gets really cold, but I’ve never grown them before and was curious. Will they stay green all winter?

I need to get out and pull up all the tomato and pepper stakes, and mow down the rest of the plots with the bush hog when it dries out.


Predicting 7 straight days at 79-85F highs…!! Is it really November?


I feel the same way. It got up to 90 here today.


Cold, damp and dank today. We got 3/4" of rain early this morning, and it barely got to 50° today. They’re calling for 25° Friday night, so it’ll be a cold start to deer season.

Looks like the warm weather is gone for good for this year. Now if only the stupid lawn would quit growing grass. Don’t wanna do any more mowing this year.


I am watching our first frost in progress - 30 min ago it was 34, now it is 32. Should get down to at least 30… Very late first frost for our area. We expecting 16 on Saturday… Crazy weather.


It looks like my lowest temp this morning bottom out at 33. Sat am will be very close to record cold.

It is crazy because we had warmer than normal in Oct into early Nov. Then, it will go down to a record low.


Finally got freeze. Hope this will motivate the still-green trees to shut down their leaves and drop them

Big Arctic blast coming later in the week


It’s going to be 85 here today. We have a weak cold front coming its supposed to be highs in low 70’s after tomorrow and low 60’s next week. All of my stuff is still green. It hasn’t rained in a while…a week and a half or so. I am wondering if i should go ahead and water? I don’t want anything to die but I don’t want to spur heavy growth either. Any help here? It’s my first year with fruit and nut trees and i don’t have an answer to this dilema…


Yeah, it stopped on 32.5 and didn’t go down, so no freeze again.