How is your weather?


The roots need moisture year-round – they are not dormant.


Man, I hope it rains tomorrow like forecast. I’ll have to water Friday. Just a good soaking like usual summer watering?


There’s less sunshine (shorter days) this time of year but you’re still experiencing summer-like heat. So my guess is to deliver half as much water.


“How is your weather?”

Cold, my weather is cold. High in the teens tomorrow, low in the single digits.


Thank You Richard, I value your advice. It always seems sound and appropriate to me and i will water at about 1/2 rate…


That’s what I’m doing at the moment :slight_smile:


No frost here yet. Kinda late for us. I love walking out to this in the morning…
…from the land where dew point seeks equality with temperature. :blush:


Dew point right now is 1F…temp is 18F… tv says 8F tonite…i doubt it… winds are blowing pretty good out of the NW still. Ground still wasn’t frozen this afternoon…but should be tomorrow///next week should run us back to 50F or warmer… all my container trees are still outside.

Lots of below 0F readings across Canada this morning.





Brutal. Arctic cold is coming. Since 4 AM to 7:30 AM temperature dropped 8 degrees to 34, wind is so bad I am thinking to skip dogs walk today. Closed windows make whistling sound. And it is just a beginning, we expect record low 16F by tomorrow morning,


Today and tomorrow are highs in the 50s and lows in the mid-30s, but Next week is supposed to be highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. I am pretty happy about that because I planted my fall garden a little late, and that should be decent weather for my carrots, beets, greens, etc as they grow.


Dropped to 12F… This is a cold airmass without any snow in place anywhere up here…

Black River Falls (50 mins NE of here)… -1F !!! if they had snow you could easily add another 10F to that.
Sparta was 4F (just east of here).

If this type of airmass would come in mid Dec or mid Jan or mid Feb… be talking -20Fs easily.


3-4" of snow on the ground here. It “only” got down to 6 this a.m.


Nothing measurable around here yet. Next week looks rainy and a little more mild.

I took a peek at Fairbanks, AK weather. They have a big snowstorm for this weekend… next weds thru end of the week the transition to winter takes place up there… next Friday they won’t get above 0F–for high temps…neg teens for lows. yummy!


Lots of cold across Ontario this morning…


This is the high so far today!


First frost alert tonight! Brought in the citrus trees today. Time for key limes!


First frost alert for us too tonight! Kinda looking forward to it. Would like to get all the leaves off the trees and clean up the yard and get ready for winter. Might as well get it done with.


Frost looks likely for us tonight and tomorrow night. It seems like cold came on all of a sudden. Also brought in citrus, ginger, curry leaf and some ferns. Gonna try to get the poly on the hoop house tomorrow single handedly. I put row cover over the lettuces and celery in there - hope that’s enough for tonight.
Also experimenting with some spray on frost protection.


Freak weather here in Southern Ontario. The high today was 25F. It snowed last night and will stick around until tomorrow before warming back up into the 40s. The GH didn’t look bad today. I honestly don’t remember it being this cold so early.