How is your weather?



50mph winds overnight. Only managing about 39F today even with sunshine. Forecast shows 60F to 70F for almost a week straight…then it all goes away probably for good.


we have many rural dirt roads but only ones that have yearly occupied houses are plowed. those are also coated with salt/ gravel mixes.


Our first frost tonight. Sad. To add insult to injury the temps will warm up and no farther frosts for the next two weeks.


Some significant fluctuations coming towards the end of the week and the week after


25F @ 9am with a high of 33F forecast for today, 3" of lake effect snow on the ground with more to come. We’re getting pretty good wind gusts too. Back in the 50’s by Wed.


Long time no come here LOL. Hope all is well with you guys!
We had a bit of snow last night just a dusting. Still too early!!
Is this Canada or California!!


Finally had the killing freeze last nite


Killing frost was early here in upstate NY, mid-September. The year before I was still picking and pickling peppers in Mid-Oct.


Gusty NW winds today. Cold and clear tomorrow…then a warm-up into the 60s for an extended period into next week.


Likewise got our killing freeze here in Kentucky. It was still 29 at 8 a.m. so don’t know how cold it got, but ice in a bucket and wipers froze to windshield. And tomato vines look sick.


We got lucky and had 33 deg, they predicted 30. I now wish I hadn’t picked my peppers and tomatoes. Warm weather is predicted for the next two weeks.


I had 23F this morning. When i looked out there was a robin sitting at the bird bath trying to figure out how to get a drink (it was frozen solid). Long nice warm up … Some are showing 70F Friday.


Lotta yard and garden cleanup will get done


It’s calcium chloride salt, I believe. It works at a much lower temperature, and lasts longer, but it’s extra corrosive. It’s also less likely to ruin wells, aquifers, trout streams, etc. I make sure to get an underbody car wash at least once a month in the winter, and after every storm where they salt. Makes a huge difference in preventing corrosion.


Snow squall here today. We’ve had at least a little precipitation almost every day the last two weeks. After our super dry summer, we’re finally getting some precipitation.


yep. thats the stuff. couldn’t remember the name. i also do the underbody wash as well. I’ve heard the opposite about it. maybe people spinning it because of the slush it makes on the road which sometimes is worse than the ice.


in the upper 20’s with a 20mph wind with gusts to 30. feels like jan.! supposed to warm to the mid 50’s the next 7 days thank God! too early for this! poor chics are nearly featherless in the middle of their molt.


It really did feel like January today! Will be nice to get a reprieve over the next week before we start marching head on toward winter.


We have a near 60 degree day today and next coming 6 days. No complains here. I moved my potted ginger out again.