How is your weather?


It’s two Cat4 landfalls in less than two weeks… no words left to describe what’s going on there.


I think we will get our killing frost tonight.


might get our 1st. -0f tom. night. :wink:



Wildfires aren’t just a threat in the West! A Red Flag Warning is in effect today from the mid-Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley.


It’s gusty out there, fersure



WATCHING DIXIE ALLEY for outside chance of a severe weather even including threat of tornadoes on the Wednesday before #Thanksgiving. 12z Euro has the severe weather event unfolding across MS/AL, while GFS has a progressive system thru the Carolina Piedmont with minimal severe wx


Yeah, they give warnings as in global warming, hurricane catastrophes and asteroids about to smash into earth…and to wear a mask…

but I only know of one fire today and it was set by a contractor on purpose.


This is ridiculous! Your post just show how rude you are and how cold by the suffering of others!


Thumbs up to the riduculing.


Consequence of a wind storm from three days ago. If it had fallen in a different direction, the evergreen might have landed on orchard fencing, but instead there was no damage. Spent a few hours today cleaning up.


Great weather here for cleaning up and winterizing.


Got our 8th row of blueberries mulched today…nice day around 50 degrees and breezy. That might be it on the mulching this fall as it is starting to clump and freeze every time we get rain followed by colder weather. I’m plum tuckered out anyway…a few more things to do but I’m ready to hang things up for the season. The weather still looks warmer than normal in the 14 day forecast…especially overnight lows.


Oh Boy!! How Exciting!! Just got 1-2" of ‘a few flurries this afternoon’.


Returned from a special farmers market ahead of Thanksgiving. Our last regular market was before Halloween. Chilly (low 40s F), but a mix of sunny and overcast skies. Less than a week ago the forecast for today was for a mix of rain and snow, so bundled in several layers, we were very pleased and had a pleasant afternoon. Sold out of cider, both chicken and duck eggs, and saw big dents in the supply of honey and garlic we brought. Since we aren’t going anywhere this week and no one is coming here, now it can rain and snow all it wants — well, my wife needs many good days to finish planting garlic, so she wouldn’t agree.


Huge thunderstorms today…unheard of for this time fo year around these parts. A couple of inches of rain as well…the drought is over for now.


got mixed snow/ sleet/ rain here. not much accumulation. flash froze with a cold front last night. windy in the mid 20’s now.


Snowing here right now. Big wet flakes. The pond is still not frozen, so the weather hasn’t been too cold.

The extended for early December shows record heat into parts of W Canada/Yukon/Alaska…very mild into the plains. Finally some below normal weather for the southeast.


Mild 50’s at night 60’s during the day. Will get chillier in Dec. right now vest weather.


Does it rain there much in winter?

It snowed pretty much all day yesterday, but just enough to cover the grass. Most of it is gone already. The extended for here shows no precip in the next 2 weeks. weird.


Going to be 48 and sunny here on Saturday! I will be playing tennis outside and working in the yard. Every extra week of warmth we get will make winter seem that much shorter!