How is your weather?


send it on over! snow flurries and a balmy 19f. :wink:


Dang rain :rofl:


Winter, is wind (sometimes, not often) and overcast. The north wind from the Alps comes to the south. Rarely snow. I think it occasionally snows for atmosphere. Rarely gets below 40 or so. Except the wind chill factors makes it colder. Not yet though.


2-3 inches of rain incoming on Mon/Tues with temps in the 50s. I think that our drought will be officially over around here after that one. Next week after that storm looks gorgeous with SW winds, sunshine and temps in the 40s. 2 weeks out looks good too with plenty of sun, 30s during the day and 20s at night. Looks like the trend of decent weather during the early part of “winter” is continuing.


many of the winter weather predictions say it will be mild like last winter with less snow. no complaints here.


Hope y’all bundle up in the South/Southeast…yikes!


I’m expecting a little snow but mostly rain…farther NE in Kentucky they might get a pretty good snow in higher elevations.


Man I sure love my greenhouse and sunroom. Low last night 28, high today 53. In the greenhouse on chill cycle it’s been 37 low 51 high. Perfect chilling temperatures. Meanwhile the sunroom has heated the living area of my house up to 82. Gotta feel good about that…!! And I got the greenhouse ready to start planting 50 figs in ground.


Beautiful sky last night, prelude to the first cold weather of the year here in NE Florida…

Not expecting to get warmer than 53 today and looking at a possible inland frost tonight…


Mackerel sky.


Tons of wind & rain here…3+ inches. Also currently 60 degrees. Maine on Dec. 1 is one of the warmest places in the country. :astonished:


For Southern France it is very cold out. About 49 degrees F. Ouch!


Today we got 22C! Still a great temp…


The road salt crews got to try out their equipment this morning…from a skiff to about inch and a half in my neck of the woods this morning. (Yesterday got an inch of wet snow that melted quickly as it was above 32 degrees F.)


Sounds about perfect. I suppose winter swimming in the Mediterranean is not a hobby most would encourage?

16F here this morning…with no snow (very dry lately) that is pretty cold. Coldest morning yet. November should end about +6F above normal… mild month. Mildness should continue…see no cold anywhere down the road. The GFS has ZERO precip the next 2 weeks. Record dry spell? Temps should rebound back into the mid 40Fs. Heat wave.


The grass is growing again…it’s loving all this rain. I guesss this is what a Pacific Northwest winter might be like?


Lets just go all winter without any snow. As of yesterday i still had some plants growing right next to the house. They still hadn’t been killed off yet. Last night probably did them in.


No laying about on the beach today, MrsG!!


Maybe I’ll turn on my sunlamp and listen to Bob Marley while drinking a bahama mama. No kidding. Gosh, I love the warm weather and enjoying it outside. I traveled to Cuba back when it wasnt cool to travel there. We came up a fairly steep drive to a rustic building where they were rolling cigars. Bob Marley was blasting out of really tall speakers with armed guards leaning underneath. Scary and surreal, but so wonderful at the same time. I will always remember that feeling that day.

Its supposed to be about 26 tonight, and wind gusts to about 16 MPH. COLD…

Seriously, though, I need some guidance on dealing with late frosts and freezes. Last year I had plums blooming in late February, killed handily by 25 degree weather mid April. (Im 6B) Blooming in February/March is unheard of. I think I wrote down it was 60 degrees around Jan 1. If this keeps up, I want to either go heat or more likely over water in the orchard. Who has had success with the same? I read a bit, and it says depending on the weather and type of freeze, sprinkled water could be bad or good, depending. I can remember my dad turning on the sprinkler in March because he started potatoes so early.


It surely isn’t. Its even cold in the Med. in the fall. Strange not seeing snow by Thanksgiving, that was the true mark of the holiday season for me. When you look out of your windows and see the terra-cotta tiles on all of the roof tops you know you’re not in RI or NYC. The sun is still strong and even though it is cold out you can feel the heat on your back.