How is your weather?


We had over an inch and a half of rain yesterday. it was a nasty raw day…today it’s chilly…


At least 1/2 inch of freezing rain and sleet on the ground. We were right on the edge between snow and ice.


1st serious cold snap a week from now. Gfs has low single digits. Maybe an inch of snow this weekend/slop/sleet. Overall pattern looks mild right thru the end of month…that cold shouldn’t last long.


We were lucky, we only caught the edge of Gail with 8-10" of snow, a lot better than south of us. Binghamton had 41".


No thanks on the 40 inches. I read about that. After a cold start to fall it really has been the mildest/least snowy in memory.

It does appear we quickly warm near 50F mid week and then plummet to 0F or so (1st single digits this season). Quickly turn mild again. That cold is really going to freeze the ground with no snow protection.


We were -6F last night. The deck boards were poppin’! I had a late 1800’s farm house and the rafters would let out a boom that sounded like gun fire when the temps began to drop below 0F.


When we had -33F a couple winters ago i had natural gas smell coming from the gas meter. The guys came out and said they tightened it some but the cold was shrinking a gasket or something and that was letting some gas out. They ended up replacing the whole thing in the spring (old design). Cold weather really messes with stuff. Starting a cold car at -20F …you get all those weird noises that never sound good.

Shortest days of the year. Enjoy the darkness. I think some weird planet thing is happening. Got to be a good sign in 2020. Aliens will probably land shortly and start harvesting us.

Cold still on tap for mid next week. Should be coldest shot so far this season.


Light “Christmas snow” this evening. Looks decent the next 3 days then a 40s to 50ish degree rain/wind storm (what else is new?) for Dec 24 & 25. Wind and flood warnings already circulating. Good grief.


Cold shot is on the way… Looks like it digs pretty deep even into the Florida peninsula. Still nothing for up here…i remember a Xmas with -26F temp. Temps near 0F with no snow cover should allow the ground to freeze hard. This is in an out fast. Watch Rapid City, SD be warmer then Miami.

I saw a guy ice fishing yesterday on the river. Didn’t think the ice was that thick.


As Seattle is coming up on our second light frost of this winter (31°F tonight), and as I’m pondering cold hardiness of things I’m planning to plant in my yard, I thought it might be fun to share this chart of cold & hot days that I made using NOAA data that I requested last month:

If these trends continue, Seattle might be moving from 8b to 9a before long! Also noteworthy that we averaged about two days with sub-freezing highs per year in the 1980s, but only one every other year for the 2010s.


Odds are good we’ll have snow on the ground Christmas morning. Warmer the next couple of days, but Wed night the rain starts, and then the cold blast hits, and by noon Thu the snow should start. Could be about 15 on Fri night, yikes. Good thing we got the propane tank filled up last week.

Can’t recall ever seeing snow on the ground on Christmas. But, I also lived in Texas for 30 years.


Well, I can recall a few, subdood…like I think it was Dec 25, 1986 (or was it 85)…I broke the snow with my old Pontiac…over 8 inches on blacktop country roads…and they had not been plowed. I made the 3 or 4 mile trek to my parents…
and broke the bolts where the exhaust bolts onto the motor of the car…from dragging so much snow up underneath the vehicle!

(I did make it , and later back home.) Love to have another car like that one!!!

Then, there was 1963 I believe…somewhere between six inches and a foot…I didn’t have a sleigh, but rode a shovel over the hills borrowed from the corn crib!

Just a couple I remember…I’m certain there were more. (Somerset, Kentucky).


Just saw the latest forecast (Huntington, WV station), they’re saying 3-6" by Christmas night. I checked the latest GFS models and it’s saying at least 6". Looks like everyone in KY east of I-75 could get about 5-10". Plus it’s going to be in the teens Thu (15) and Fri (12) night, so it’s going to be a cold one.


If it gets to 12 Friday night here, that will make it the coldest temperature of 2020!
13 was the low last winter. I think we’ll stay above 13 here.


Just looked out the window and there’s a smattering of the overnight snow persisting in the shady + grassy areas. Somewhat surprising since yesterday’s high was in the mid-50s and it’s currently 43°F, so I would’ve expected ground temperatures to be high enough to defeat the snow. Definitely don’t envy those of you getting into the teens this week!


Beginning tomorrow night and through Christmas we’re expecting some bitter cold temps…anything below 30 here is brutal…


Rain, rain and more rain.Wet Christmas. Ugh!


48F here right now, but that should drop to 5F tonite. I don’t think we get much if any snow either so that isn’t good for ground freezing solid.

GFS drops over 2 feet of snow over parts of Nebraska early next week. Something to watch. Iowa would also get hit pretty good (western parts).


Good day for indoors stuff.


Blizzard warning here today. Had a pretty good whiteout for awhile about an hour ago. The snow has eased up now, but the wind is brutal. Gusts over 50 mph. Temp was 30 when I got up this morning, now down to 12 and dropping. Windchills pushing -35 tonight and tomorrow. Merry Christmas