How is your weather?


Yep, that 65° wind chill must be brutal! :grinning:


Just awful. I often wonder how we survive…:roll_eyes:


Beautiful 66 degree on Thanksgiving day today and 68 degree tomorrow. I have not seen this warm in a long while. I am very happy with this Indian summer.



Mid to high 50’s in RI


Another unseasonably hot day.



Slightly cooler today.



I spent the last week between San Diego, and Palos Verdes. Hot was an understatement!


Winter starts next Tues/Weds next week around these parts. Looks awfully winterish (not snowy though)…just cold. 20’s for highs, teens/single digits for lows. I’ll be moving trees inside garage this weekend.


Has been in the mid 50s for highs low 30s for lows for the last week. Supposed to stay that way until Tuesday, then it takes a real turn towards winter. After Tue, highs just in the 30s, lows near 20 for the next five days. Yikes, hate to see that. Guess I’ll need to cover the strawberries next week.


Not liking the dry pattern setting up here in NorCal.
We just (barely) got out of the drought last winter. Being this dry in our prime rainy season, does not bode well.


Low 50’s in Newport,RI :heart_eyes:


Vacuuming the “lawn”. :slight_smile:


Fascinating. Your trees still go dormant even though you still have lows in the 60’s and highs in the mid 80’s? Do you help them along by withholding water? If not for 12 F freezes, my apples would still have leaves. Peaches and hybrid plums here go dormant without freezes to kill the leaves. I figure the hybrid plums, having P. americana genes, are closer to native species which are much better at knowing when to go dormant.


They are all low chill cultivars.

That would be an error as the roots are active during the winter months while the “solar panels” are taking a break from the cold. Certainly processes have slowed down so they receive less water but not zero water.

Consider that there are southwestern plants that drop their leaves in the summer during unbearable heat. They rebud in the Fall.


GFS has mid 60Fs Monday…and by Sat/Sun morning we could be below 0F if the snow comes late in the week (GFS shows a few inches)…


Currently 58F here…record for today is 64F in 2001…w.e had an actual thunderstorm (wind/lightning/thunder) overnight. So loud it woke me up. 1/4 inch of rain.

Buried a bunch of potted trees…going to see how they do overwintered outside. Everything else getting moved inside this afternoon. With potted trees i always like them to get one last soaking before going in the garage. I also put down cardboard so the floor doesn’t get all skanked up over winter. Then i just compost that int he spring.

Mid Dec looking chilly in the Ohio Valley


Yep! Warm here in old KY, 62 right now, but that’ll be the last warm spell for a while. Rain tomorrow, plus a cold front means highs in 30s, lows in 20s the rest of the week.

Gotta get out and finish cleaning up the gardens, and prob need to cover the strawbs.


Yesterday’s weather, but representative of the past week. We’ve had dewfall but no significant rain.



Wind is changing now, 65 to 53 in 1/2 hr. A shock to the system.


77 in my area today. Temp is supposed to drop and we get rain… please…we need rain…