How is your weather?


Well, got to 9 early this morn, so that was definitely the coldest this year. But, the sun’s out and it’s already 30, plus tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 50, so most of this snow will be gone in a few days.

Went out to the pasture with the dog, and saw deer tracks in the snow, guess they bed down up on the hill and come down at night. No deer tracks around my trees or berry patches, thankfully. My dog was diving down head first into the snow, guess he’s after moles or some kind of rodent. He’s quite the digger.


Are you close to Harrogate? My bro-in-law lives near there. I imagine he got about the same as you guys.


I’m probably 70 or so miles east of there.

Plenty of 'em around here… Hopefully the electric fence energizer around my orchard spot stays hot!


Ok, just wondering.

Heh, yeah, hope your hot wire does its job. I’m more worried about my trunks getting chewed on by rodents before I got my covers put on. Guess I’ll know when the snow melts. We used to have pretty bad deer pressure here, but after a bad breakout of hemorrhagic disease a couple years back, it seemed to knock their numbers down quite a bit. But that didn’t stop one buck from rubbing on the trunk of my Macoun tree recently.


Storm midweek looking to go right over my head. Usually for local areas this would be so so on snow amounts. Big snow storms for here almost always track thru Chicago. Still going to be a mess of snow/rain/snow.


Highs of almost 50, lows around freezing.
When I was a kid this time of year was below freezing for multiple days, the entire day, and we’d temporarily store food for christmas parties outside. Now we’re pushing from zone 8 to zone 9, barring some crazy weather event. Rosemary and Bay Laurel are doing fine in ground right now.

How warm does it have to be to start peas and other semi-frost hardy plans? Should I plant now? The ground is not particularly frozen. It is incredibly weird.


Yesterday, I saw Candy Heart Pluerry with a few flowers.


I’m putting on tree guards today. It’s about 35 with sunshine and little wind…no snow and the grass is weirdly green for this time of the year…a perfect winter day. Wish I could bottle this one!


It’s about 45 and partly sunny, the snow is really melting off now except in shady areas. Got down to 15 this morn, but that’ll be the coldest for the next week. The snow was nice, but glad to see it warm up a bit.


GFS has been garbage with this coming storm. Now the models are moving the low far south of the area. Heaviest snow would be S Wi/parts of E Iowa. Who knows.

A couple inches of snow yesterday here.


It could stick around. NAEFS continues the record? warmth in the east. Crazy stuff. Might really mess with trees depending on how warm it is able to get.


That map makes no sense.


Just shows a massive ridge building into the northeast the second week of Jan. The darkest reds usually indicate record warmth. Looking at it that should mean a trough out west.

If you zoom out and look at the global map, the coldest air is locked on the other side of the planet…especially parts of Asia (china/japan/koreas).


This seems to be the continuation of recent winter trends for us in the Northeast…warmer early winter (Dec/Jan)…and then we get hit in the face Feb/March. It seems like there is always this massive cold blob that moves around the globe and you just hope that it never settles over you.


We seem to need 8-12" of snow. That’s what they’re forecasting for central Ia down the I80 corridor, on to Cedar Rapids and then right through S. central Wisc.!!


Wow, that I do not miss! I think I saw my first bit of frost this morning. The surrounding villages and towns had snow. Not us! I think my lemon tree is shivering!


My hunch is you are right on that one. The cold has to come down sooner or later.


Yeah…a stripe from central NE back into S Wisconsin… someone might see a foot or more. Tapers off some to the north but should still see 3-5 or so around here.

Watch out though… I saw last night and again this morning…another storm is on its away right after this one. This one far south heading thru central IL… a solid hit of snow for E Kansas/N Mo and right up thru central Iowa again. Chicago looks to stay all rain.



Looks like the Seattle winter has settled into its reliable pattern! Times like this I’m glad I’ve got bright grow lights I can sit next to and pretend it’s sunny :joy: