How is your weather?


Basically looks identical to mine, minus the rain. Bone dry here.


First snow last night


. Last week snow, today rain and 50 degrees!


My GR leaves hung on the longest, too. I stripped them off weeks ago before I sprayed Lime- sulfur.


I tried to strip, but they just do not let go. I am thinking may be cut them of with scissors…


That air looks to be moving in here this next week//next weekend looks brutal. Small chance of snow late week. Right now i have some snow cover, but still lots of grass showing. Not a good set up for brutal cold.


Merry Christmas everyone! 4pm today
More days of sun coming our way!
It’s been a cold December around the great lakes.


Merry Christmas, -36C tonight with windchill -45C. On the upside ( gotta be a glass half full person) it is clear, with wonderful deep blue skies, and air that is so crisp it positively crackles.


Down to 0 this morn, and supposed to be in that range all thru the week. This is a relief, at one point the longrange forecasts seemed to be suggesting it’d be in the positives all winter long.

Bad news, the sunporch heater was off, where the citrus overwinter


-6F here with almost no snow. A nice 2F this afternoon.

I had to give my Gardenia a shower yesterday. Mites have shown up. Ugh. Lots of yellow leaves, but overall still looking ok. I don’t give any extra light except for the window.

Lots of lake effect snow …more to come.

Airmass did “”“moderate”"" some…yesterday it was -42F at one station in Ontario… Cold has spread south.
Lows this morning.

Intersting…N FLoridians are freezing…while the south folks are basking in the sun this morning. 77F/69F right now in Miami…looks like real cold doesn’t penetrate S Florida until New Years or after.


-10 here right now with a windchill around -25. Better than yesterday, windchill was pushing -35 then. Sounds like maybe -30 or lower windchill tomorrow again. -18 to -20 for actual lows tonight and tomorrow night.

Yippee :roll_eyes:


We are getting a blast of northern weather right now! It was 9 degrees Fahrenheit at its coldest today but it’s now warmed up to 15. Typical January in Kansas. I will cut scionwood after a couple weeks of this when everything is sleeping deeply. Tonight’s low is -15F to -20F windchill. It’s around 0 degrees tonight so frostbite is expected within 20-30 minutes outdoors. Our members further north are likely much colder!


Glad I am not testing in ground figs this year. Cold now with more on the way, probably below zero early next week for lows


We expecting 6 nights in a row around -5F. At least there is some snow on the ground. Not really much though…


We are at 0 degree right at the moment. Cold. Cold. Cold!!!



No idea how y’all deal with that. It gets into the 20s and I don’t go outside.


Odd weather here today. We were at 38F and sunny and I took a trip to town. As I went down the hill (I am 3000’ higher than town) the temps kept dropping. It was snowing, cloudy and about 5F in town today. Obviously a temp inversion, way warmer up high than it was down on the plains. Wish I had known, would not have taken a diesel down, they take forever to warm up at these temps. I suspect the cold air in town is part of the same arctic blast that Clark and others are under around here.


-22 right now. Thankfully there’s very little breeze. Deadbolt on front door was frozen shut.


-13Fat 630 am today. This low temp will test my unprotected Hybrids persimmon.



17f when i got up. Not nearly as bad as others but down right chilly with a strong north wind. This year I tried a grenada pomegranate in the ground on the south side of my barn. I mulched the base with a thick layer of leaves. Hopefully it will atleast come back from the roots. soil temps are still above freezing.