How is your weather?


A wonderful 34 degrees! Much better than below zero.


and we just jumped 37(from -5 to 32) degree F in 30 hours. Will I repeat myself saying the weather is crazy?


I finally can go outside it’s wonderful!


It has been very cold here then warmed up and rained over the weekend, right now it is so foggy I can’t see a light any direction from our house


Oh it came here. Probably pushing over 1" atm, And it’s still going off!


0.1" so far here.


It was like a spring day here. The roads were all wet from frost coming out of the ground. Most of the snow (what little we had) is gone. 42F…

Took the mite ridden Gardenia outside and gave it a spraying with the hose.


1/4" and more on the way … woohoo!


high of 25f today which is slightly above ave. for us. no wind for once! suns out! went for a walk. felt great to get some vit. D!


40F here…washed the other car (with hose and soapy bucket of coooold water)…just in time for a rain/ice/snow/sleet storm Weds nite/Thurs morning.

GFs then shows a good cold stretch Sat thru Weds ===warm up until 20th ish…then end of run…brrrr…cold blast…hmmm… the snow looks non existent this year…maybe …maybe an inch Thurs. I still have yet to use the snowblower …heck i could have used a broom the couple of times it did actually accumulate.


Fog here too

We’ll get rain, would rather have snow cover


43 and sunny today, able to do a little sunbathing today. 3-5 inches of snow expected Thurs. with winds gusting to 40+ mph, then back into the deep freeze, -14 Saturday night with a high Saturday of 2. Yuck


Close to 60F today and very sunny and windy. Storm coming in tonight/tomorrow. At this points unless it oves differently than predicted, we will get a touch of rain and snow and then it blows out of here. Probably less than 0.1" of moisture. Too bad as we could really use some water.


We had 2.5" storm total at my property. I’ll get to postpone irrigation for a week. 4 more storms like that between now and the end of March would be excellent.


Looks like the snow band for the storm (tonite/tomorrow) has shifted north some…NW of Des Moines thru Rochester, MN looks best right now…then up through NW Wisconsin. The band is pretty tight so any shift could make a big difference…

Looks like mostly liquid in these parts. Didn’t drop below freezing last night. Heat wave.


Sounds like a good start, anyway. Crossing my fingers for more rain for y’all.


GFS has no liquid for Los Angeles thru 384hrs… but obviously that can change…int he meantime LA could make a run at 80F… the long range does show cooler air (average?) moving back in.

NAEFS continues to show warming moving eastward… into the middle of the country. This is from the 18th to the 25th…


It got considerably warmer this week and wet. We’ve had rain off and on for the last 2 days, but we’re in for another cold snap beginning Friday night when we’ll see a 20 degree dip in temps to Saturday.


12z gfs a bit east…going to be close around here…1-3 inches…probably closer to 1.


Winter Storm passing through tonight from the system that caused the mud slides from California. Rain first then ice then snow up to 6" tomorrow. All schools are closed. Crazy weather!